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Public Relations Report ABeam Consulting Viewpoint for 2016-17 has been published, covering our journey of the year and a half from March 2015 through September 2016, and also conveying the viewpoints of frontline consultants on how management problems get solved.

Public Relations Report 2016

In this latest edition of ABeam Consulting Viewpoint, we introduce the world of “Game Change by Digital Innovation” from the standpoint of the management consultant active on the leading edge.

Why are the innovations that digital technology enables attracting so much of the world’s interest today? Because the wave of digitization is about to bring transformative innovation to the business models through which companies have been creating value, and to the value chains by which they have been delivering that value to customers.

It’s fair to say that those companies which can put open innovation to work through optimally effective use of digital technology in their value chains, manufacturing and all other facets of their business activity are the ones that will come out on top amid the global competition Game Change.

As numerous and diverse new technologies appear in rapid succession, it is more crucial now than ever to see clearly into the true nature of these technologies. This makes it possible to harness them to differentiate one’s own company and acquire unique strengths rather than be buffeted by waves of technological change.

Digital Transformation based on far-seeing insight is what today’s environment demands.

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Table of Contents

  •  Message from Management

    Leveraging the massive hidden potential of digital technologies
    Achieving corporate transformation:Game Change by Digital Innovation
  •  ABeam Consulting’s Perspectives: What kinds of digital transformation are Japanese companies looking for?

    • Preface.[Staying at the forefront by creating systems for value co-creation]
      Superior competitive positioning in the digital area spring from mastering value chain innovation
    • 1.[Competitive advantage improved through global CRM]
      The three conditions for achieving innovation in the B2B Field
    • 2.[The role of marketing in the digital era]
      Strengthening marketing organizations and maximizing experience value for individual customers
    • 3.[Machine learning-led AI will transform business]
      Leveraging the potential of practical application-level AI in value chain reforms
    • 4.[Implementing transformation that reflects the rise of FinTech]
      Finance & industry innovation opening the door to the potential of new financial services
    • 5.[Switching from products to services The shift to manufacturing as a service]
      The Service-centered strategy of the Japanese manufacturing industry, creating added value with digital technology
  •  Special Feature: Providing both speed and quality,the cloud is accelerating global business management

    • Part 1: Providing both speed and quality, the cloud is accelerating global business management
      The perfect balance between offense and defense: what is the optimal solution for current global sourcing strategies?
    • Part 2: Case Study House Foods China Inc.
      Establishing a global SCM infrastructure that uses ABeam Cloud and Supply and Demand Template
  •  Regional Report

    -Mexico:Japanese companies seek success in Mexico as the starting point for a global development “offense”
    -Thailand:Acquisition of multinational human resources is essential for survival in the Greater Mekong Subregion
    -Japan:The goal of Yamagata Prefecture—using a professional soccer team to engage in regional revitalization
  •  CSR at ABeam Consulting

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