ABeam DX Insight No.1

DX: Evolution to Second Stage

August 2, 2021

Kazuki Sugata

Executive Officer, Principal
Strategy Business Unit


The COVID-19 crisis has accelerated digitization by several years. In particular, the corporate value of tech companies in the US is expanding rapidly. The Nasdaq Index, primarily made up of tech companies, rose by 45% last year (more than 80% after hitting bottom with the Corona Shock), and the iconic company Zoom achieved 390% growth in one year, gaining instant brand recognition.

In the coming post-COVID-19 period, DX is expected to evolve to the second stage. We are transitioning from conventional business streamlining (Digitization) to a stage that requires full-scale efforts toward business model transformation based on digital technology (Digital Transformation). In this stage, the key is to define visions and scenarios for the utilization of digital technology and solve human and organizational issues in efforts toward realization.

Although there are challenges in Business model transformation, there are many cases in which the necessary driving force cannot be obtained due to an inadequate vision or scenario, or inadequate human or organizational aspect, not allowing progress beyond the Digitization stage.

DX Initiatives: Survey Results Summary

For example, there are many cases in which the driving force diminishes due to inadequacies in consensus building on "the ultimate extent of digitization" and "the definition of DX for the company" and, in terms of human and organizational aspects, inadequacies in "leadership that breaks down walls on the business side" and "ONE TEAM development for breakthroughs achieved as a team."

Five DX Success Factors

In order to fundamentally change the approach to DX from "defensive DX" to "offensive DX," it is necessary to strengthen the capabilities that will enable such change. For Japanese companies, in particular, the customs observed to date need to be transformed, which is a big challenge that includes management reform.

Defensive DX to Aggressive DX

ABeam Consulting defines an enabler framework for promoting DX and provides a consistent support system. We would like to introduce each element while providing case examples from our company.

Investigation Framework for DX Success

We would like to make this a follower-linked initiative based on your requests, and would greatly appreciate it if you would actively submit your requests and questions.

ABeam DX Insight

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