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Helping Build an Ecosystem to Invigorate the Sports Industry

Public attention has been increasingly focused on sports for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. But the commercial side of the sports industry has yet to mature. To move beyond the status quo, we must come up with new ways to create value streams to heighten the appeal of the sports industry. To do so, we need to correctly understand the needs of the customers.

The customer base of the sports industry is made up of those who perform (athletes), those who watch (spectators), and those who provide support (coaches, trainers). Furthermore, the customer base is surrounded by four major components, or “players.” These comprise the clubs/leagues to which athletes, coaches and trainers belong, the private-sector business/universities associated with the manufacturers which provide athletes with sports equipment, the media and universities which conduct sports science studies, and the stadiums/arenas which hold sports events, and the national administrative bodies which support the sports industry through policy implementation.

Creating new value streams for these elements means skillfully connecting the content and strengths that a given player can provide to what each element offers, so that they can provide athletes, spectators and support professionals with products and services matching their needs.

By connecting the players in the sports industry, ABeam Consulting develops an ecosystem that creates new value streams, aiming for the sports industry-wide invigoration.

Value Creation through Data Utilization

Data utilization plays an important role in creating new value streams in the sports industry. Data must be put to effective use in order to successfully enhance athletic performance through means such as talent recruitment and injury prevention. Data must also be utilized expertly to improve club/league management, by means such as creating marketing strategies to secure steady revenue streams.

ABeam Consulting analyzes various data sets to get at the root causes of problems in the sports industry. We also assist in prompt decision-making and implementing measures through the efficient exploration of potentially useful knowledge, leading directly to the resolution of a given problem.

We believe that performance enhancement with a particular focus on athletes can help create new revenue streams. Collecting data has now become an easy task as an increasing number of people are using highly accurate wearable devices featuring sophisticated components such as advanced sensors. There are, however, still some unresolved issues in the ways we utilize the data collected. Thus, we need to clearly set aims and define our perspective in order to achieve effective data analysis.

Case Study

In order to better understand the reasons behind injuries among soccer players, ABeam Consulting has analyzed data gathered from a club team of France’s Ligue 1. We used data mining techniques to analyze soccer-related injuries caused during training and games. As a result, we were able to discover what could cause injury such as pitch conditions, game schedules, body weight and exercise load.

The knowledge revealed through our analysis was then put to practical use on the pitch, making it possible to discuss concrete preventive solutions that effectively reduced injury risk.

Services Provided

  • Strategy & Planning
  • Data Analysis
  • Venue Management
  • Fan Engagement
  • Marketing
  • Talent Management
  • Team Management

Track Record

  • Professional sports teams: Utilize data on active athletes to grasp common characteristics
  • France football Ligue 1 “Association sportive de Saint-Étienne Loire”: Analysis of the causes of player injury
  • Super Formula “REAL RACING”: Performance enhancement support through machine data analysis
  • F. League “Nagoya Oceans”: Performance enhancement support through training/game data analysis
  • Japan Sports Council: Management planning support (including support for business planning, channel control, advertising/sales promotion measures implementation, and system operation/planning)
  • Japan Sports Agency: Sports policy research and study
  • Japan Sports Association: Japan Rising Star Project system construction/promotion support
  • Major electric appliance manufacturer: Stadium solution strategy formulation support
  • HONDA ESTILO: Development of talent management system for coaches

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