Ultra-rapid development consulting (Arch)

Evolving IT platforms to DX enablers with Arch

As the systems supporting business processes grow out of date, complex and bloated, they fail to keep up with changes in business and technology, becoming a barrier to market share expansion.
In order to secure a competitive advantage with other companies, it is required to evolve the IT platform to enable system deployment quickly and flexibly according to customer requirements and market changes.

ABeam Consulting powerfully supports next-generation platform evolution with our knowledge, cultivated through numerous implementation projects for “OutSystems” and “Mendix” low-code development infrastructure, using Ultra-rapid development methodology "Arch (ABeam RAD Solution for Game Change)".
While maintaining high quality, we contribute to achieve DX through phased modernization that reduces the implementation time frame and work hours, while freeing the client from personalization of tasks.

Related achievements

A construction company Speedy reconstruction of sales management system

  • Implementation of “OutSystems”, a low-code development platform, evolving a next-generation IT platform supporting the distribution process

A service-related company Phased reconstruction of core systems

  • Phased renewal of complex infrastructure systems through reverse engineering & remodeling

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