Payment Services

Uniform services from formulation to execution of strategies to cope with an industry in dynamic, transformational change

Amid the current tide of structural change brought on by technological innovation, the use of mobile devices is changing the way payments are made. New competitors from the telecommunications, EC and online industries are leveraging their Internet technologies, transforming the industry landscape. At the same time, an emerging borderlessness is giving rise to fresh opportunities, making this a period in which businesses can redefine themselves in terms of the value and advantages they provide to consumers.

The advantages of ABeam Consulting lie in our proven track record of consulting in the overall financial industry field, including knowledge and experience of business law compliance and building up the local presence and capabilities needed to deploy business overseas. Our strengths also lie in working with the key concepts that will define the future of the payments industry, including the shift to mobile payments, points, prepaid services and digital marketing.

Menu of key services

By leveraging our global networks, we provide comprehensive services for domestic and overseas business operations, from strategy design to execution.

Category Services provided
Business strategy
  • Management visioning support
  • New business/market entry (new service deployment, debit, prepaid and mobile services)
  • Expansion overseas (local business start-up, local IT strategy)
  • Inbound strategy (payment services for foreign tourists in Japan)
  • Business process restructuring support
  • IT organization evaluation
  • Specialized digital marketing organization construction
  • Education/training plan production
  • Local affiliate incorporation, office integration
  • Working with regulatory authorities, oversight guidelines, etc.
    (laws governing capital payments, installment sales, moneylending, transfers of criminal proceeds, etc.)
  • Fraud detection (affiliate merchants, issuers)
  • Internal control systems construction/validation
Business reforms/streamlining
  • Business process streamlining/BPR (examination for credit card approval, debt demand procedure, etc.)
  • Credit upgrade, credit model construction
  • Online/digital marketing
  • Mobile device use
IT management
  • Infrastructure and various other systems construction (issuing, e-commerce, mPOS, etc.)
  • Medium-term systems strategy formulation (integration due to M&A, etc.)
  • Third-party evaluation of systems construction vendors
  • Information systems foundation construction for overseas offices (including arrangement/negotiations with local vendors)


Track record

1. Business strategy

  • Commercial trading firm
    Support for entry into the payments business in overseas markets
    • Market research and business model validation for entry into the payment gateway market in Asia
    • Hypothetical market entry proposal & target market field research (interviews with industry experts, retail merchants, consumer surveys)
    • Concrete proposals for market entry partnership candidates, feasibility verification, business plan formulation support
  • International branding
    Support in reviewing card strategies for the Japanese market
    • Support centers on billing & transaction volumes, and ranges from review of current credit card portfolio holdings to consideration of strategies for expansion of card issuance.
    • Planning/review of measures to increase card use, designed by affiliate merchant type

2. IT management/FinTech

  • Cards, banking, distribution, IT
    Internationally branded prepaid/debit card issuance support
    • Compilation of requirements for standard internationally branded prepaid/debit card processes, and drafting of systems specification-related documentation
    • Individual process requirements/flow formulation for client firms/banks
    • Arrangement of common functions for internationally branded debit card services which link payment infrastructure systems with bank account systems
  • Cards/IT
    Support for domestic entry by overseas payment brands
    • Arrangement of an acquiring scheme for the deployment in Japan of newly emerging overseas payment brands, and formulation of a proposed position with respect to affiliate merchants and other stakeholders
    • Back-office business process management (new membership, affiliate merchants, terminal devices, transactions, billing, settlement funds, payments, etc.)
    • oProduction of forms and other materials to be used in business process design for full-fledged operations after introduction of an overseas payment brand
  • Cards/telecommunications
    Credit exam BPR using AI
    • Access to multidimensional analytical tools in the ABeam Cloud environment to speed up and refine credit and credit card management operations
    • Automation of the full process from the posing of hypotheses by analytical personnel to verification drastically reduces the time required to change examination criteria, resulting in more sophisticated criteria
    • o AI tools uncover risks that conventional credit models fail to anticipate, allowing for additional rules

3. Compliance

  • Social infrastructure
    PCI/DSS compliance review support
    • Support for decisions on PCI/DSS compliance and conversion to card data non-retention for compliance with the amended version of the Installment Sales Law
    • Cost-oriented comparative assessment of PCI/DSS compliance, and conversion to card data non-retention, in terms of impact on business operations & systems
    • o Systems response support and new business process flow formulation for a successful post-decision operational approach

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