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Create a plan for future factories and promote DX from GEMBA

The term “Digital Transformation (DX)” has long been called for, and business transformation by undertaking DX is necessary to ensure competitive advantage. It is necessary to accurately understand changes in business environments and create factories that are resilient to business change. Rather than just improving the current situation, going forward DX will be crucial to consider future changes, transmit information on visions from factories, and promote as company-wide project.
ABeam Consulting offers solutions based on experiences from various projects to support your DX & Future Factory Design.

For Those Who Are Facing the Following Problems
Future Factory

ABeam Consulting offers three services for DX promotion and future factory designs. Services are customized according to client’s circumstances.

1. Lectures & workshops to support immediate action

After presenting the latest digital case studies, a workshop to develop an image of DX and future factory concept is held to formulate the ideal to be pursued.

Lectures & workshops to support immediate action

2. Creating a company-wide integrated grand design

After setting target of why it is necessary to achieve DX and future factories, themes are identified and a roadmap for achieving them is drawn.

Creating a company-wide integrated grand design

3. Identification of future leaders

Focus on the digital era, identify and develop talents who could be future leaders.

Identification of future leaders

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