Is your Business ‘Future Ready’

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As the ongoing pandemic has accelerated, the need for digital transformation in the manufacturing industry has been growing and diversifying. Join us in this exclusive webinar where SAP and ABeam Consulting will share as to how digital transformation will help you become an Intelligent Enterprise to future proof your business.

Venue:Online Webinar
Sponsored by:SAP, ABeam Consulting
Registraration Fee:Free

1.The Need for Stability & Flexibility after a Pandemic Struck Global Market
 Ahmad Azhary, Project Manager in Manufacturing Industry, ABeam Consulting Indonesia

2. Guided Journey for Manufacturing Industry to be an Intelligent Enterprise 
    Rian Sagara , Industry Value Advisor, SAP Indonesia

3. RISE into the Digital Future: SAP S/4HANA with ABeam’s Industry Template
 Aulia Kusuma, S/4HANA ABeam Template Consultant, ABeam Consulting Indonesia

4. How to make the next step for the next few decades ~By Data-driven approach~
    Marshela Kurniawan, SAP Solution Advisor, ABeam Consulting Indonesia

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