Plant Engineering

World today faces drastic changes at home and abroad; growing demand for energy in developing countries due to rise in population and remarkable economic development, emerging alternative resources like shale gas and renewable energy, and rapid urbanization. Needs, as a result, for development of energy resources and social infrastructure continue to rise. Corporations, in such changing environment, are challenged to swiftly implement strategies to survive, by addressing multiple aspects like enhancing global competitive advantage, infrastructure improvement, resource optimization including human capital, and risk management. We at ABeam Consulting contribute to customers' business transformation by providing realistic solutions to optimize and visualize business management, particularly with ERP related process improvements.

Topics; Case Chiyoda Corporation
The major Japanese plant engineering company that have implemented SAP ERP for the first time in the country. Development of IT platform for WW project management and its installation at HQ and Qatar completed in just 18 months.

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