For financial institutions to outcompete their rivals amid drastic changes in the industry environment

Comprehensive consulting that provides uniform service from strategy proposal to execution

Issues in managing financial institutions

Numerous responses are demanded of many banks and securities firms amid the major changes under way in the economic and competitive environments facing them:

  • Speedy development & deployment of value-added services
  • Information supply that enables managers to make decisions rapidly
  • More sophisticated management of risk, compliance and business processes in response to global regulations, anti-money laundering, international accounting standards, etc.

Providing uniform service from strategy proposal to execution

At ABeam Consulting, we provide a wide range of services from strategy proposal to execution, supporting problem-solving efforts for the issues that arise in financial institution management. Our human resources encompass a rich pool of expertise with strategies, business processes and IT for the banking & securities industry. Our customers, consisting primarily of market leaders, make constant use of our services adapted to the needs of each operational stage. These services include launching new business operations, the planning, implementation and operational support of IT efforts, BPR, refinement of business management (finance & management accounting), management integration, and operational rehabilitation.

Menu of key services

Leveraging our many years of experience in banking & securities consulting, as well as our global network, we provide comprehensive services for domestic and overseas business operations, from business strategy proposal to execution.

Business process strategy

  • Business process strategy & operational strategy formulation
  • Sales & marketing strategy formulation
  • Support for systems integration visioning
  • Support for operations center integration visioning
  • Support for new business launch, overseas deployment

Business process transformation

  • Business process reengineering (BPR) of various kinds
  • Support (from planning to execution phases) for integration of overseas offices (systems & business processes)
  • Support for risk management refinement & pricing support in compliance with Basel III
  • Revenue structure transformation (cost reduction, etc.)
  • Debt valuation
  • Support for sale of non-performing debts

Accounting finance and business management

  • Account settlement operational process construction, as well as construction and revision of systems for IFRS
  • Support for construction of account settlement processes (SEC-compliant, compatible with consolidated account closings
  • Support for refinement of management accounting (productivity analysis, revenue management, cost price management, risk management)
  • Support for operational support systems construction (personnel management, financing approval requests, compliance response, etc.)
  • Finance accounting systems (ERP package) implementation
  • Finance account closing BPO support (US/JPGAAP, consolidated)
  • Internal control implementation & evaluation support
  • Support for building global consolidated management infrastructure

Customer relationship management (CRM)

  • Marketing support (customer analysis, product analysis, etc.)
  • CRM infrastructure, integrated customer DB visioning support
  • Support for refinement of customer contact points

IT management

  • IT cost optimization support (supplier consolidation, IT cost analysis)
  • IT vision formulation (support for building up IT governance)
  • Systems development project PMO support
  • RFI/RFP formulation
  • Vendor selection support


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