Business Process Improvement & RPA Consultant (Consultant or Senior Consultant)


  • Support the Business Process Improvement & RPA Consulting with having support, advice from superior as DX Consultant.


Job Responsibility:

  • Project Management Support: Support in general PM tasks such as Entire Project Planning, Progress management, Issue Management...etc.
  • BPR/BPI Consulting: Analyze the business process and proceed the BPR and business process improvement in combination with implement RPA to make client process more efficient.
  • Business Process Design: Understand the client business process and create the Business Process Flow. Also find out the issue or bottleneck point need to be improve.
  • Documentation: Support creating various documents using Excel, Power Point, Excel...etc.
  • Meeting Facilitation Support: Support the meeting by facilitating with client, ABeam Internal meeting


Required Skills/ Experience


  • Fluent in English both speaking and writing.
  • GPA higher than 3.0.
  • Minimum 4 to 5 years working experience.



  • Experience in Finance Industry (Banking, Consumer Finance, Insurance).
  • Experience in Consulting firm or IT Company.
  • Implementing RPA skill or other Business Process Automation system development, or any kind of programming development experience (Java/Java Script, C+…etc.).
  • Graduated or studied in overseas university


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