Business Platform ( ABeam Cloud® )

ABeam's Business Innovation Platform for Digital Transformation

We provide clients with agility in responding to changes in the business environment via the ABeam Cloud® solution.

In implementing the solution, we achieve short-term enterprise system introductions by utilizing our original industry and business templates. We also reduce our clients’ burden in various manners: optimize cost by securing system resources on an on-demand basis, provide comprehensive services for system enhancement/reinforcement with the placement of suitable professionals, etc.

Service Overview

ABeam Cloud® is a SaaS solution, a grand design based on our accumulated knowledge and experience in various business/industries built on the cloud platform.

The solution is comprised of business applications, cloud services (service applications, infrastructure services, security & monitoring and global networks), as well as operation and maintenance services as an all-in-one package.

Service Overview

Business Applications

The current cloud services in the market are limited in scope, often unable to cover enterprise processes comprehensively. We provide an abundant lineup of business applications via the ABeam Cloud® , for our clients to win through the digital age.

Business Application Overview

Business continuity and evolution

Overall optimization of existing businesses is achieved by utilizing our original ERP templates, as well as business applications for specialized areas: business processes will be optimized, and business operations will be streamlined.

Business creation and innovation

Our digital platform and cloud services accelerate digital businesses: our clients’ customer engagement will be enhanced and they will be able to improve their ability to capture customer insights via IoT, customer experience/analytics, etc.

Service Applications

We have developed a number of services that utilize cutting-edge technologies, such as AI and RPA (Robotic Process Automation). The added value from these technologies is provided via service applications, with a different perspective from business applications.

We push our business innovation platform to evolve continuously, by determining cutting-edge technologies that are beneficial and incorporating them on a timely basis. The platform in turn maximizes our clients’ business and system performance.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Infrastructure Services

We develop the most suitable cloud utilization roadmap for each and every client, based on our understanding of strengths as well as characteristics of the multiple cloud vendors we are partnered with. We also provide the most suitable cloud infrastructure environment without vendor lock-in, by making readjustments in accordance with the followings: the client’s target system, business situation, and changes in the scale of the system.

ABeam's standard service in providing cloud environment

We have a dedicated segment optimized for each client on the ABeam Cloud® , and provide backup as well as disaster recovery options as a standard service. We also provide secure maintenance services such as system monitoring and batch job management, by connecting remotely to our clients’ dedicated site from the ABeam Cloud® operation management segment. Common application such as workflows are also available as SAAS.

Security & Monitoring

In recent years, cyber and terror attacks that target vulnerabilities in web applications have increased and being made at a more sophisticated level. We provide a wide range of consulting services from planning security measures for enterprise information systems to roadmap development, CSIRT support, and security incident management support. In addition, we contribute to enhancing each of our client’s security system by providing the most suitable security diagnosis services (e.g. simple diagnosis for a speedy grasp on the client’s security status).

Security diagnosis that meets client requirements

We provide diagnosis services customized for each of our client’s requirements, from a simple diagnosis to quickly check whether the client website is able to prevent cyberattacks to a detailed diagnosis of other web systems and networks used by the client.

Global Network

The success of cloud utilization is greatly affected by the network connecting the cloud and the users’ devices. The design and the build of network is critical, in ensuring secure and stable use of cloud services.

We provide services to monitor and manage our clients’ entire network as well as the cloud, which allow our clients to utilize applications on the cloud globally in a secure manner and at a reasonable cost.

A flexible and a high-quality cloud connectivity

We provide cloud connection on an on-demand basis, as well as a high-quality global network in a timely manner. We achieve this by establishing partnership with network providers that are connected with cloud service providers around the world.

Global Network

Support for network construction and operation

We provide clients with total support for policy development/requirement definition, design, and implementation of network. The support is provided by ABeam experts with knowledge on IT infrastructure, especially the network and the cloud.

As for maintenance support, we collectively respond to system failures regarding networks and cloud services. We then determine the cause of the failures, and promptly report to clients via the incident management process.

Global Network

Cloud & Network Partners

We are partnered with cloud operators around the world, to design the best global cloud for clients.

Amazon Web Services Microsoft Internet Initiative Japan NTT Communications Verizon


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