Adobe Experience Cloud Consulting Service

Adobe Experience Cloud Consulting Service

The arrival of the digital age has completely changed the ways of marketing.
In today’s world where every customer touch point is digitally connected, it is important to design experiences tailored for each customer based on the information obtained from those touch points.

The key to success is to facilitate the project with consistency, including planning the strategies based on external and internal environment, selecting, and implementing the most effective technologies, and operating until the benefits are achieved.

ABeam Consulting will be your partner to survive this digital age by providing comprehensive support with strategic planning for customer experience design, implementation of Adobe Experience Cloud to execute the strategy, and maximizing the benefits.

About Adobe Experience Cloud

Adobe Experience CloudAdobe Experience Cloud

Adobe Experience Cloud is an integrated marketing platform adopted globally by many companies, including about 30 of the Fortune 50s. The product consists of four solutions based on the Adobe Experience Platform: Content & Commerce, Data Insights & Audiences, Customer Journeys, and Marketing Workflow.

Content & Commerce

  • Enterprise-ready DAM delivers personalized experiences at scale.
  • Flexible cloud-native CMS supports headless and traditional needs.
  • Integration with Adobe Creative Cloud streamlines collaboration.
  • Commerce platform manages B2B and B2C with a single back-end.

Data Insights & Audiences

  • A single interface with integrated product, order, and revenue metrics.
  • Robust account profiles built on real-time, unified customer data.
  • Powerful privacy and governance frameworks for all data.
  • Analytics and data management that help break down silos.

Customer Journeys

  • In-depth, first-party data helps build robust audience segments.
  • Content experiences that adapt in real time to anticipate behavior.
  • Marketing automation to create campaigns on multiple channels.
  • Real-time CDP identifies content and interactions that drive.

Marketing Workflow

  • Enterprise management that organizes every workstream.
  • Native integration to plan, prioritize, and iterate workflows.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud integration for streamlined updates and reviews.
  • Configurable workflows and visualization platforms measure progress.

Adobe Experience Platform

Adobe Experience Platform, the data foundation of Adobe Experience Cloud built on an open architecture, converting all data into a robust customer profile.

Key Success Factors of Adobe Experience Cloud Implementation

Content & Commerce

Adobe Experience Manager

In many cases, implementations of CMS or website builders ends up as “designs are improved but no increase in conversions”. To be successful in the implementation of Adobe Experience Manager, it is important to not only be equipped with the latest UI/UX, but to provide brand experience contents, design cross-device experiences, and update with more frequency. These can be achieved by designing the organization and business process to provide brand experiences, as well as to establish the governance for operation.

Adobe Commerce(Magento)

In some cases, implementation of a multi-functional e-commerce platform that meets diverse customer needs often ends up as “losing sales opportunities because your inventory management data is not integrated with your brick-and-mortar stores.” To successfully implement Adobe Commerce, it is essential to not only prepare multiple channels to increase customer touchpoints, but also to centralize customer management, inventory management, order management, and other systems for both physical stores and e-commerce sites to provide customers with a stress-free customer experience.

Data Insights & Audiences

Adobe Analytics

In some cases, implementations of digital analytics tool end up as “analysis not leading to actions” or “tools left unused”. To be successful in the implementation of Adobe Analytics, it is important to clearly define KBR (*) and then KPI accordingly. It is also necessary to have the process in place to analyze KPI and take actions.

* KBR: Key Business Requirements

Adobe Customer Journey Analytics

In some cases, implementation of customer behavior analysis tools often ends up as “customer behavior data being collected and visualized on graphs, etc., but not intuitively understood and not resulting in an increase in conversions.” For successful implementation of Adobe Customer Journey Analytics, it is important to integrate data across multiple channels and combine data from contact centers, sales management systems, and online properties into a single graph that provides insight into customer behavior patterns. It is also essential to design operations (OODA loops*) for implementing measures that predict customers' next actions based on analysis results.

* OODA loop: A method divided into the four steps of "Observe," "Orient," "Decide," and "Act.” Designed to bring about the best decisions based on what is currently available and prompt immediate action in uncertain and rapidly changing situations.

Adobe Real-Time CDP

In some cases, implementation of a CDP (Customer Data Platform) often ends up as “data being integrated with the CDP, but not being utilized in marketing initiatives.” To successfully implement Adobe Real-Time CDP, it is important to classify and organize data collected from multiple sources into statistical data on attributes and behavior patterns per individual and per account to develop a complete picture. It is also essential to securely manage customer data in data operations.

Adobe Audience Manager

In some cases, implementations of DMP (Data Management Platform) ends up as “only being used for internet ad improvement” or “ROI is not enough”. To be successful in the implementations of Adobe Audience Manager, it is important to integrate all the external and internal data, find effective segments, interface with various systems related to customer touch points, and aim increasing benefits and efficiency.

Customer Journeys

Adobe Target

In some cases, implementations of A/B test or personalization tools end up as “no increase in conversions”. To be successful in the implementation of Adobe Target, the quality of the hypotheses for the A/B or multivariate tests is important. It is necessary to turn the Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle of planning and executing the hypotheses based on multi-dimensional analytics, and personalizing the contents based on the results.

Adobe Campaign

In some cases, implementations of campaign management or marketing automation tools end up as “just another e-mail tool”. To be successful in the implementation of Adobe Campaign, it is necessary to define the roles of interactive communications with the customers, and design scenarios for data-driven communications.

Adobe Journey Optimizer

To deliver a personalized customer experience, it is essential to integrate customer profile data managed separately by channel and to build a platform that can maintain data freshness with implementation of Adobe Journey Optimizer.

Adobe Marketo Engage

In some cases, implementation of MA tools often ends up as "lead scoring and hot lead tossups, but no increase in contract closing rates." To successfully implement Adobe Marketo Engage, an operations/system design based on the premise of visualizing the entire customer journey process and identifying and addressing bottlenecks in an ongoing and timely manner is essential.

Our Capability of Adobe Experience Cloud Consulting

Our Capability of Adobe Experience Cloud Consulting

Our specialized consultants can offer support in 3 stages: strategy, development, and operation.

Our Capability of Adobe Experience Cloud Consulting

Our Value Proposition of Adobe Experience Cloud Consulting

Our Value Proposition of Adobe Experience Cloud Consulting

Extensive Experience and Expertise with Business Transformation and Strategy Planning

We are one of the largest comprehensive consulting firms in Japan, and we possess extensive experience and knowledge of enterprise innovation and strategy planning. Our project is not just a system implementation, but business transformation of the client’s company.

Extensive Experience and Expertise with CRM/ERP System Implementation

We have abounding experience with implementing CRM, ERP systems and DWH that can be interfaced with Adobe Experience Cloud.

Comprehensive Customer-Oriented Consulting

We offer consulting services for comprehensive CRM (marketing, sales, and customer service). Our capability covers a wide range of consulting areas focusing on customers.

Adobe Certified Technical Consultants

We have numbers of certified consultants of Adobe Experience Cloud empowering our high capability with its implementation.

Case Studies

Case Studies

Real Estate: Establishment of analytical organization and construction of customer experience process

Experience Manager
  • Provided support for the establishment of a Center of Excellence to centrally facilitate the promotion of digital marketing, from execution to analytics.
  • Implemented analytics, developed test plans and improvement flows, and provided training on analytical methods.
  • Currently providing support for process construction and system implementation to provide an unprecedented customer experience while reducing workload and costs by CMS integration.

Financial services: Website conversion improvement

  • Integrated intent and attribute data, analyzed the current website from multiple perspectives, identified issues, and formulated measures for improvement.
  • Built an internal website analytics system by transferring skills to client personnel.
  • Currently providing customer-oriented website optimization support by creating the customer journey with a focus on digital touchpoints.

Entertainment: Optimization support of website and e-commerce website

  • Contributed to the enhancement of customer engagement, increase in website transactions, and improvements in conversions by providing support with A/B testing and targeting using Adobe Target.
  • Not only provided strategies based on best practices, but also held workshops on testing and targeting measures to foster independence in client personnel.
  • Provided support for defining and establishing an internal Plan-Do-Check-Act(PDCA) cycle after system implementation.

Media: Planning of website for visitors to Japan

  • As part of the planning and development of a website for visitors to Japan, formulated a concept of the website that accentuated company strengths based on competitor website research.
  • Analyzed usage of content by users and identified improvement points.
  • Currently providing support for developing the customer journey and corresponding plans through workshops.

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