Service Design

- Overcoming complex business environments by customer-experience focused services -

Today, companies must challenge for transformation as they have never had before. Some industries need new growth strategies due to stagnant market or aging population. On the other hand, digital technologies are forcing some industries to face competitions among cross-industry participating companies.
In the near future, advanced digital technologies will bring about structure destruction of industries. Companies must develop services for unique customer experiences to increase competitiveness or to identify marketable areas.
ABeam Consulting provides Service Design consulting to overcome these complex business environments. We oer Service Design by digital technologies that will shift your business ahead of the competitors.

*“ Service design” is not only limited to product designing, but it is a method to create business and services by focusing on the values of customer experiences.

Steps of Service Design

The digital technologies today are capable of processing large data at high speed with low cost, and thereby various industries need to improve existing services and create new business models utilizing those digital technologies.

Key Success Factors

The keys to successful Service Design is "Identifying valuable information for innovative ideas, and developing prototypes focused on creating new customer experiences”. The speed to drive the process is also an important factor.

Value Proposition of Our Service Design

Case Studies

We provide Service Design consulting by driving diverse ideas and utilizing cutting edge digital technologies.

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