Tipco F&B Company Limited

Tipco F&B Company Limited

Customer Profile

Company Name
Tipco F&B Company Limited
118/1 TIPCO Tower, Rama 6 Road, Samsen Nai Sub-district, Phaya Thai District, Bangkok 10400 Thailand
Business Activities
Manufacture and sale of soft drink beverages

Note: Company names, departmental affiliations and position titles are current as of the interview date.

Improved in Business Efficiency and Achieved a High Redundancy, Using ABeam Cloud

Tipco F&B Co., Ltd. has 40 % share of the Thai market for fruit juice. To replace its enterprise system, they chose as its partner ABeam Consulting, which has templates tailored to the food and beverage industry and proposed ABeam Cloud, the enterprise resource planning software SAP ERP and related templates. With this new system, Tipco F&B has greatly improved its business efficiency and the speed of its decision-making and is assured of a high degree of system redundancy.

Project Overview


  • Replacement of the superannuated enterprise system
  • Redundant data input work
  • Realization of an enterprise system corresponded to the business growth


  • ABeam Cloud
  • Extensive use of SAP ERP and templates designed for the food and beverage industry
  • Global support system

Success Factor

  • Improvement in business efficiency
  • Increase in decision-making speed
  • Assurance of enterprise system redundancy



ABeam Consulting’s wealth of achievement and know-how in the food and beverage industry is one of the keys. I believe that we will be able to resolve all sorts of issues together with ABeam Consulting in the future as well.

Managing Director


Project background and reasons for selecting ABeam Consulting

Confidence in total solutions that are promptly proposed

 Tipco F&B Co., Ltd. is a beverage manufacturer that was established in Bangkok in 1989. In April 2016, Tipco F&B began considering replacement of its 20 years old enterprise system, in anticipation of further growth. Mr. Ekaphol Pongstabhon, Managing Director of Tipco Foods PCL, says: “The existing system was easy to use for our on-site staff, but we decided to replace it to achieve steep growth in the future.”
 Tipco F&B selected ABeam Consulting as its partner. They had a high opinion of that company’s proposal, which met all of its requirements in the aspects of budget, solutions, and delivery date, thanks to system construction with ABeam Cloud running on AWS. This is an innovation platform enabling SaaS use of an SAP solution template designed for the food and beverage industry. ABeam Cloud is a total solution service consisting of business applications and the service applications supporting them, infrastructural services, security & monitoring, global networking and the related operation and maintenance. Ms. Kanjana Warotamaporn, Vice President of Charge of Information Technology, Tipco F&B, offered the following remark: “We also had a high rating of ABeam Consulting’s abilities for swift action and proposal.”



The support system on a global scale was extremely reassuring and reliable.
I would also give high marks to ABeam Consulting for its abilities for swift action and proposal.

Director-Information Technology


Challenges and the solutions

Revision of the business process for alignment with best practice

 The project called for reconstruction of each sub-system in the areas of accounting, sales, purchasing and logistics within the extremely short period of May 2016 to February 2017. ABeam Consulting aimed at putting the system into stable operation within this short time by making use of ABeam Cloud and the template. In some cases, the user operating procedures had to be changed for correspondence with the template and this made some users uneasy. Nevertheless, significant disruption was avoided by careful explanation of the need for use of the template. The team was able to complete the project within a short time as planned because of the active involvement of Tipco F&B’s CEO/CFO who is also its CIO.
 The system of ABeam Consulting was also reinforced. Tipco F&B was apprehensive about the ability to receive operating support in a timely manner, as ABeam Cloud’s Center of Excellence team was in Japan. Then, ABeam Consulting built a solid support system from its global organization inclusive of Japan. “The members of the ABeam Consulting used milestones and checklists as they promoted the project. This was a great help.” (Kanjana)


Impact of the Implementation and Future Vision

Transition to the phase of further growth in anticipation of changes in consumer awareness and the market environment

 In February 2017, the cutover was made to the new enterprise system, and it has since been smoothly operating. Users at four locations including Tipco F&B’s head office have likewise adapted to the new system and are expected to tackle their work more efficiently with it, in the future. “We will presumably encounter all sorts of issues, but I am sure we will be able to resolve them together with ABeam Consulting,” concluded Ekaphol.

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