ABeam Consulting announces new corporate brand
Brand message: "Build Beyond As One."

~Striving to be a partner that drives transformation, creating change together with the client~

 Having reached the 40th year since our founding, ABeam Consulting Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Tatsuya Kamoi, President and CEO) has reexamined the value we provide to our clients, and the purpose of our existence. The result has been the formulation of a new Brand Message to be rolled out beginning today so that we can continue to perform according to the needs of industry and of society.

 Since ABeam Consulting was founded, we have showcased our role as a Real Partner® to our clients, including it in the Management Philosophy under which we provide consulting services that fully apply our total capabilities, from strategy proposals to execution and operation, to the changes in the industries and organizations with which our clients engage. As we advance toward the future with the legacy of this Real Partner® philosophy, we have formulated a new brand slogan and statement so that we can remain a trusted partner in transformation to corporations and other organizations as they move ahead with transformations of greater complexity than before.

■New Brand Movie


■New Brand Slogan

Build Beyond As One.

■New Brand Statement

Transforming the structure of companies and organizations, and building connections between them.
This is how we help create new value and bring about social change.

We unlock the power of vision and imagination to create the future, applying highly diverse and specialized capabilities and experience.
Together with clients, we realize unrivaled value at key stages of their transformation.

To the professionals and business partners united in these efforts, we provide meaningful opportunities powered by our creativity and diversity.

Growing together with our clients and society, progressing as One Team.
Remaining a Real Partner® through it all.

 Build Beyond As One.
We strive to be a creative partner.

■Our New Brand

In an age high in uncertainty, in which relationships between companies and stakeholders are undergoing tremendous change, value is changing in aspect from something that is provided, and from a matter of internal corporate and organizational transformation, into something that is created together, and into structural transformation that cuts across companies, industries and society. In order for companies and society to achieve transformation in times like these, they require ABeam Consulting to serve as a partner in transformation with the capability to reliably lead from concept proposal on thorough to realizing results (Build), to exceed the current conventional wisdom and expectations and generate new value for the future (Beyond), and to create together with diverse stakeholders as we exercise strong team leadership (As One). When a partner in transformation is needed, think of ABeam Consulting. This brand message is more than a guide all of our corporate activities. It is imbued with our thinking on providing meaningful opportunities and experiences to all of our clients, business partners and other stakeholders.

ABeam Consulting President and CEO Tatsuya Kamoi had the following to say regarding the formulation of this new brand message: "Corporations and other organizations face the ongoing challenge of an uncertain future that cannot be approached through a resolute linear extension of existing practice. In order for us to remain the kind of partner in transformation that is required by society, industry and organizations when they are in such stages of transformation, and in order to create a sustainable society, we ourselves must continually evolve. We want to continue to be a partner that achieves essential structural change together while creating a new future. This is the thinking we have woven into the new brand message we are implementing."

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About ABeam Consulting

ABeam Consulting provides business transformation services that create strategic advantage, improve business processes, leverage technology innovation, and enhance organizational performance for leading multinational and domestic companies worldwide. ABeam partners with clients to diagnose and solve their real challenges with solutions that combine industry and operational best practices with technical expertise. Pragmatic approaches ensure that clients gain measurable value more quickly. Headquartered in Tokyo, ABeam’s 6,500 professionals serve clients throughout Asia, the Americas and Europe. ABeam Consulting creates the future together with corporations and other organizations. As a creative partner leading the way reliably through change, we contribute to industrial and societal change. For more information, please visit

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