ABeam Consulting invests in Vertex Master Fund 2 LP

Working with Temasek Holdings subsidiary Vertex Venture Holdings and RISA Partners to form Japan Platform, to help Japanese firms collaborate with global start-ups

ABeam Consulting Ltd.

ABeam Consulting Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Toshinori Iwasawa, president) has begun an effort to create new business venture opportunities for global start-ups and Japanese companies in collaboration with Vertex Venture Holdings Ltd. (“Vertex”), a wholly-owned venture capital subsidiary of the Singapore government-affiliated investment firm Temasek Holdings Ltd. and RISA Partners Inc. (“RISA”, Minato-ku, Tokyo; Yoshio Narukage, president). Ahead of the collaboration, ABeam Consulting has agreed with Vertex and RISA to invest in Vertex Master Fund II LP (VMF2*), of which Vertex is the General Partner (GP).

The purpose of the collaboration is to launch Japan Platform (“JP”), a strategic system for developing new businesses through co-creation between the start-up ventures in countries worldwide in which Vertex invests, and Japanese companies that possess unsurpassed technology, know-how and customer networks. In addition to providing opportunities for investment in start-ups by Japanese firms, JP also aims to provide a framework enabling Japanese firms to assist with deliberations of business creation and to actually launch business operations together with start-ups, through dialogue with the start-up firms that participate in JP. ABeam Consulting will leverage the knowledge, experience and customer base it has cultivated through its many years of providing consulting services in Japan and worldwide to play a central role in the operation of JP, together with Vertex and RISA.

Support for business creation by clients has long been a focus of effort by ABeam Consulting, and in 2019, we expanded our service offerings in this field by launching the ABeam Co-Creation Hub, a new collaborative innovation platform designed to provide clients with access to our knowledge and experience in human resources, methodologies and networks essential to business creation. This makes available four functions that help companies move forward with business creation.

  1. Purpose (defining vision and objectives): New businesses need to have a clear vision which could attract more stakholders to enhance or expand its business ecosystem as one of Co-Creation Hub’s activities.
  2. People (human resource development and supply): Co-Creation Hub supports to solve some problems that clients facing under business development such as less business development talents and capabilities.
  3. Program (methodology and process): Clients would educate their business development teams with provided knowledge and experienced actual activities working together with skilled BizDev consultants.
  4. Place (physically locating co-creation): Clients could utilize Co-Creation Hub as Place with Purpose, People and Program to their new business to set up effectively.

Through this collaboration and investment effort, we will link operations of JP with the ABeam Co-Creation Hub, thereby helping clients strengthen their competitiveness through business development and the creation of innovation.

*The investment in VMF2 was implemented through RISA Vertex Venture Fund LP, a gateway fund formed by RISA for Vertex Master Fund II LP.


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Vertex Holdings is a Singapore-based venture capital investment holding company. It provides anchor funding and operational support to a proprietary global network of venture capital funds, namely: Vertex Ventures China, Vertex Ventures Israel, Vertex Ventures SEA & India, Vertex Ventures US, Vertex Ventures HC and Vertex Growth.
The Vertex network of funds invests in technology and healthcare opportunities, and has a demonstrated track record of identifying and nurturing companies into global champions. Each Vertex fund operates independently, with separate local investment teams that raise and manage their respective funds. For more information, please visit vertexholdings.com.

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ABeam Consulting provides business transformation services that create strategic advantages, improve business processes, leverage technology innovation, and enhance organizational performance for leading multinational and domestic companies worldwide. ABeam partners with clients to diagnose and solve their real challenges with solutions that combine industry and operational best practices with technical expertise. Pragmatic approaches ensure that clients gain measurable value more quickly. Headquartered in Tokyo, ABeam's 6,000 professionals serve clients throughout Asia, the Americas, and Europe. For more information, please visit https://www.abeam.com/jp/en


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