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ABeam Consulting Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Toshinori Iwasawa, president) today begins offering ABeam Digital Labor Cloud for ASEAN market, supporting globally advancing Japanese companies with Cloud-based RPA for enhanced productivity. Having provided domestic and international Japanese corporate customers with its RPA BPR Service*1, ABeam Consulting will now be able to offer the service to Japanese firms operating in countries throughout ASEAN in a form more acceptable for them, and at advantageous pricing.

In Japan, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has come into widespread use by companies of all sizes and industries as a concrete method of accommodating trends like the decrease in working population and work-style reforms. As the subsidiaries of Japanese firms doing business primarily in Asia find it necessary to adapt to challenges including personnel costs that mount year by year, business process quality maintenance, and fluidity of local human resources, restrictions on investment and a lack of implementation know-how are hindering their progress in RPA implementation. These have become major issues for firms that need to step up their efficiency.

In order to resolve these issues, ABeam Digital Labor Cloud for ASEAN Market is a service through which ABeam Consulting makes available the functions of “BizRobo!” server-based RPA software on the ABeam Cloud® business innovation platform.*2 In using the software, companies can purchase software licenses on their own, which eliminates the need to prepare operational servers. This results in major reductions in running costs during implementation.

The service will be provided to corporate customers operating throughout ASEAN nations including Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam. While pricing varies according to service content, it will be available for as little as approximately ¥300,000 per month (including licensing fees, various taxes not included). ABeam Consulting is aiming to implement the service at 100 companies per year.

ABeam Consulting will continue to combine its knowledge and experience of business process reengineering (BPR) in contributing to ever-greater improvements in corporate productivity.

*1  ABeam Consulting’s Robotic Process Automation BPR support is a consulting service that uses RPA to help improve white-collar business process efficiency and productivity. Depending on the needs of the client firm, it can include identification of business processes to be targeted, basic plan formulation and implementation support, robot development, formulation of operational control rules and training of technical personnel. This is a comprehensive service covering the whole process from initial implementation to its fully established operation.

*2  ABeam Cloud® is a SaaS solution, a grand design based on our accumulated knowledge and experience in various business/industries built on the cloud platform.

  • *ABeam and its logo are registered trademark of ABeam Consulting, Ltd., in Japan and other countries.

  • *All company and product names appearing in the news release are registered names, trademarks or registered trademarks of the respective holders.

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