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Some genuine corporate value is hidden, and cannot be judged solely by the financial data that so many stakeholders focus on these days. We interviewed a Senior Manager who uses digital technology to bring visibility to the relationship between a company's non-financial information (ESG) and corporate value, boosting ESG evaluation to raise corporate value itself.



Why ABeam ?


When I was a student, I visited consulting firms as part of my career search. In doing so, I saw the appeal in a clear-cut evaluation system and an environment conducive to long-term growth, so I joined ABeam straight from graduation. I've been involved in a wide range of projects up to now, and, in a good sense, there hasn't been any gap between these and my reason for joining the company. Specifically, I've been able to get clear feedback from my senior coworkers on projects, and also to constantly be challenged to step up to the next level.

ABeam is deeply imbued with a corporate culture in which we convey to subordinates the project experience that we have each gained as individuals. My sense is that this leads to an environment that makes long-term growth possible.

Experiences in ABeam ~ Impressive Project~

It was when I proposed the concept of Digital ESG, in which we increase true corporate value by bringing visibility to the relationship between a company's ESG activities (non-financial information) and its corporate value. The occasion for this was that the department I belonged to came out with plans to start a new service. During my graduate school days, I had also been involved in the field of international development economics, and had been quite eager to engage in work related to ESG in the future.

So it was a project utilizing Digital ESG that I got involved in. This is the first system to scientifically, objectively clarify the extent to which ESG activities contribute to increases in corporate value. In order to indicate their true corporate value, many Japanese companies would like to publish quantitative reports on the extent to which ESG activities that can't be expressed in terms of conventional financial data are contributing to their increases in corporate value. We have gathered and analyzed tens of thousands of data samples going back more than a decade for nearly 200 types of index available among Japanese companies. The result is that we are able to numerically clarify the impact of non-financial data on business management, making such forecasts as, "Human resources development and diversification, together with work-style innovation, could increase corporate value (PBR) by 3% to 20% over the next few years."

In addition, through the process of data analysis, ESG is already being used to accomplish corporate decision-making, in part by enabling verification of the return to corporate principals that various companies are working on now. Through these projects, we received strong evaluations from clients, who noted that by using ABeam solutions, they were able to obtain analytical results that were extremely convincing.

Although companies that promote ESG activities are now on the rise, most have not reached the stage at which they can strategically incorporate the results into their overall corporate management. As a top runner in Digital ESG, ABeam does more than just scientifically indicate the relationship between ESG activities and corporate value. We help genuine ESG activities take root in corporate management, and we intend to continue to provide support until further corporate value increases are achieved. In doing so, I want us to take care not to forget the importance of adhering to the corporate principles that are so important to clients as we offer proposals suited to a company that is one step ahead.

Future ~Growth Story~


I want to implement Digital ESG at more companies. The current rapidly advancing social changes have provided a backwind for us, as more companies have become more vigorous in their ESG activity efforts. Inquiries have increased more than threefold compared to 2019. I have heard many candid comments from companies that are engaging in ESG activities, and yet haven't been able to realize the results, regardless of the industry or company type. In order to solve problems for clients like these, we will be updating platforms based on the wealth of case examples that we have as a top runner in the field.

Together with that, we will promote Digital ESG at each firm as we support them in realizing increases in their true corporate value.

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