Payment Services (card/mobile)

Forming specialized teams to respond to an industry undergoing dynamic transformation

Providing uniform service in the payments industry from strategy formulation to execution, centering on card and mobile device use

The necessity for new business strategies in an industry where structural reform is underway

Originally an equipment manufacturing industry, this is an industry now in the midst of the tidal shift of structural transformation. The roadmap of the industry is being transformed by changes in forms of payment brought on by the use of mobile devices, as well as by the entry of competitors from telecommunications, EC and other Net-based industries that can leverage their Internet technology advantages. At the same time, opportunities brought on by the trend toward borderless operations have come to the fore. This is a time when every competitor is redefining its business on its own from the standpoint of the value and advantages it can deliver to the consumer.

From strategy proposal to operational support, as well as IT implementation and operation, we provide a menu of services in step with the times.

At ABeam Consulting, we work from our foundation in business consulting and IT consulting to provide a diverse range of support that makes up the kind of solutions needed to move payment business forward. We have in-depth knowledge and experience of business processes, and the organizational presence on the ground to support deployment of business operations overseas. And our advantages also include a proven track record of performance in the finance industry, as well as the ability to respond to the key concepts that define the future directions of the payment industry, including mobile and point systems, prepaid transactions and digital marketing.

Menu of key services

Leveraging our global network, we provide comprehensive services for domestic and overseas business operations, from business strategy proposal to execution.

Business strategy

  • Support for formulation of management vision
  • New enterprise/market entry (new service deployment, debit, prepaid & mobile services)
  • Advance overseas (local business launch, local IT strategy)
  • Inbound strategies (payment services for overseas visitors in Japan)

Building organizational structure

  • Management organizational reconstruction support
  • IT structural evaluation
  • Formulation of dedicated digital marketing organizational structure
  • Training plan formation
  • Support for integration of local affiliates overseas, integration of accounting & upgrading of management of local offices


  • Responses to regulations and directives (laws governing fund settlement, installment sales, money lending, prevention of transfer of criminal proceeds, etc.)
  • Fraud detection (affiliate shops, issuers)
  • Construction & verification of internal control systems

Business process transformation, efficiency

  • Improvement of operational efficiency, BPR (card review, debt collection)
  • Upgrade credit screening, formulate credit model
  • Web & digital marketing
  • Mobile device utilization

IT management

  • Construction of mainframe and various other systems (issuing, e-commerce, mPOS, etc.)
  • Mid-termIT system strategy to cope withcorporate mergers & acquisitions
  • Third-party evaluation of IT system vendors
  • Overseas operation information systems infrastructure construction (including adjustments, negotiations with local vendors)

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