Customer Experience and Contact / Sales Support

Providing Comprehensive CRM Solutions

ABeam Consulting provides extensive and coherent services including system solution implementation/integration and change management. This enables us to impact clients from customer strategy to operational transformation, such as customer touch point, marketing, sales and customer service.
The services provided by ABeam Consulting directly contributes to the increase in sales and profit of all companies, both domestically and abroad.

Customer Experience Integration

Our CRM Consulting covers five service domains, allowing us to provide the most comprehensive and innovative solutions in comparison to our domestic competitors.

We have highly experienced and sophisticated CRM professionals, who consults clients to sustain and expand their business and increase global competitiveness.

1. Customer Experience Integration

We support clients to achieve their business objectives by offering diverse integration methods for its channels, business processes and IT systems, which form a key part of their customer touch points.

  • Customer experience analysis
  • Digital and real channel integration/enhancement
  • Integrated sales start-up
  • Performance forecasting through salesforce automation (SFA) + ERP systems

2. Marketing

We support clients marketing transformation (both digital and real) by providing total solution from strategic planning to generating results.

3. Sales

We support clients business transformation through timely accumulation and analysis of highly personalized customer experience data (both digital and real), increasing their continual engagement with customers.

  • Customer touch point transformation through the utilization of customer experience integration platforms
  • Intelligent Field Sales for Efficiency and Productivity with Vymo
  • Implementation of account management for the clients key customers
  • Lead generation through marketing automation
  • Implementation of SFA and sales activity transformation by considering product lifecycle management

4. Customer Service

We support clients to improve customer relations by integrating customer information management and analysis. This initiates clients to shift to a “Next Generation Contact Center”, and realize a more advanced maintenance service, enabling them to react timely to customer needs.

  • Operational design and transformation of a “Next Generation Contact Center”, from after sales customer support to start-up of inside sales.
  • Transformation to “Smart Maintenance” in the BtoB manufacturing industry
  • Implementation of customer profitability management, including the profitability management of products, merchandizes and services.
  • Contact center assessment which identifies and analyzes issues and conducts cost reduction calculation

5. Customer Intelligence

We support clients to understand customer, initiate strategic planning, and build up systems.

  • Sophistication of customer segmentation and targeting through integrated customer information platform
  • Improvement of accuracy in marketing strategies by leveraging concrete outputs based on predictive analysis
  • Development of customer information platform to optimize individual customer approach through machine learning technology
  • Issue identification based on situation analysis such as customer segmentation

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