Supply Chain Management

Support in realizing a next-generation smart supply chain, applying digital technology to seamlessly connect business processes.

The fundamental concept behind supply chain management (SCM) is to reimagine each individual business operation, from the raw materials supplier to the final customer, as a single business process, and continuously realize whole process optimization across company or organization barriers.*1

The current era of progressive innovation in the structure of industry, as is evident in Industry 4.0 and Connected Industries, advances in the sophistication of supply chain management demand that the latest technologies such as IoT, Big Data, AI and Blockchain be incorporated into SCM.

ABeam Consulting will adapt enterprise supply chains to advances in digital technology, seamlessly connecting business processes overseas and domestically, and between companies and organizations. This is how we support transformation into a next-generation smart supply chain.

  • *1: Definition excerpted from U.S. Supply Chain Council (SCC) documentation.

ABeam Advanced & Digital SCM Solutions

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