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The Automotive Industry is at a critical crossroad. While an enormous market is emerging driven by the economic growth of developing countries, the shift to clean energy vehicles, combined with this diversification of markets and their needs has become more pronounced.

In developing countries, increased competition for low-cost cars, and a shift in standards of technology and quality needs to be established. To respond to increases in demand while considering exchange risks requires global production capabilities. Furthermore, significant investment for the development of clean energy vehicles has made loose alliances between auto manufacturers, ventures, and other non-automotive entities have become prominent. The automotive industry is under pressure to address these serious challenges in a prompt and appropriate manner.

ABeam Expertise

Our services help automotive companies improve performance in management and operations, with support ranging from strategic planning to tactical execution. Our informed insight and industry-specific skill sets assist companies with mergers and acquisitions, global expansion into new markets, and profitability improvement for core markets through improvement in operational efficiency, process improvement, and optimizing IT investments. As a result, clients can reduce inventory levels and obsolescence, minimize freight and labor costs and improve plant scheduling, purchasing functions, supplier relationships, customer service and product quality.


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