An insurer that can outcompete rivals amid structural changes in the industry's societal environment

Comprehensive consulting that provides uniform service from strategy proposal to execution

The increasingly intense competitive environment of the insurance industry demands ever more sophisticated business management.

Amid drastic changes in the economic environment, and a social environment characterized by an aging population with low birth rates, the insurance industry is facing structural changes that make the competitive environment ever more intense. This has brought on a period of managerial revision for every competitor. The demands of responding to legal requirements due to insurance law enactment are daunting, as are internal control and other process quality improvements. Management refinements encompassing these factors are needed today.

Providing uniform service, from strategy formulation to execution

At ABeam Consulting, we provide a wide range of support by applying our abundant consulting experience and broad knowledge in domestic and overseas insurance industries. Our services help solve problems for insurers as they work to expand business, boost profitability and refine risk management efforts. By leveraging the advantages of our numerous experts experienced in the insurance industry, we are able to provide support for enhanced risk management throughout all insurance business processes through our insurance business risk advisory service.

Menu of key services

Leveraging our many years of experience in insurance industry consulting, as well as our global network, we provide comprehensive services for domestic and overseas business operations, from business strategy proposal to execution.

Business process strategy

  • New business/market entry strategy (Japanese market entry, insurance business launch, new product development)
  • Overseas deployment (local IT strategy, local project auditing)
  • Indirect cost reduction (purchasing consolidation & procurement cost reduction, contingency payment project cost reduction)

Business process transformation

  • Sales office transformation (elimination and consolidation of sales offices, new office visioning)
  • Policy management, maintenance process optimization
  • Refinement of insurance claims payment & processing
  • Outsourcing & shared services

Risk management / financial management

  • IFRS/Solvency II (project plan formulation, systems grand design)
  • Consolidated risk management (evaluation of the maturity level of consolidated risk management approach, quantification of operational risk)
  • Unconsolidated & consolidated account settlement operations (J-GAAP/US-GAAP-based account settlements)
  • Accounting systems implementation (global business management systems implementation)
  • Account settlement process optimization

Channel strategy

  • Next-generation agency model (agency CRM basic visioning, agency business process automation)
  • New sales force model (mixed-channel recruitment model, recruitment performance data mining)
  • Establishing new channels
  • Mobile devices, Internet strategy (device innovation for recruitment support)

Customer relationship management (CRM)

  • Marketing (Web marketing, website benchmarking)
  • CRM infrastructure reinforcement (companywide CRM infrastructure visioning, integrated customer DB basic visioning)
  • Customer center assessment / customer contact point refinement
  • BI for insurance (analysis of signs of customer estrangement, new customer analysis, claims processing analysis)

IT management

  • IT strategy formulation support (mid-term IT strategy, IT organization diagnosis, IT management/maintenance formulation
  • Systems infrastructure visioning & construction (package selection, business analyst, PMO)
  • Internal control & compliance reinforcement
  • IT governance (global IT governance, information security management)

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