Both headwinds and tailwinds are blowing in the utility sector, such as gas, water, electricity, and railways. The headwinds include monetary easing steps taken by developed countries, mainly the U.S. and Europe. To utility companies, which require a huge amount of capital investment, whether or not to be able to raise low-interest funds is a critical issue, and the current global financial environment works to their advantage. In addition, the global environmental issues have heightened people’s interest in energy-saving industries. On the other hand, cost increases resulting from investments in energy-saving facilities and rates frozen for the public benefit are forcing utility companies in many countries to endure narrow margins. There is an accelerating movement toward privatization, particularly in the U.S and Europe, and utility companies - although their services are of highly public nature - are increasingly required to have the same operational and management abilities as those of private companies. They face the challenges of reducing costs by making their services more efficient and optimizing the organizational structures.

ABeam Expertise

ABeam’s Utilities Practice offers expert business transformation services to our utilities clients. We pride ourselves on our collaborative working environment, delivered by local teams that have a unique blend of utility experience and consulting knowledge. Through a pragmatic and results-oriented approach, our experience and ability to jointly develop implementable solutions has earned the respect of our clients, a track record of which we are fiercely proud.

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