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- Global Organizational Design & Workforce Management and DX: Four New Issues -

October 20, 2021

Kazuki Sugata

Executive Officer, Principal
Strategy Business Unit


The 10 years leading up to the COVID-19 pandemic coincided with the rapid promotion of globalization by Japanese companies. During this time, issues related to organizational and talent management on a global scale had become apparent, but these issues are still far from overcome. Moreover, issues associated with DX are sure to emerge after COVID-19, adding complexity.

Many issues have been recognized in the global organizational and talent management of Japanese companies, as illustrated in Figure 1. Recognized issues include, in particular, communication with local management, mismatch between local needs and quality standards at the head office, compliance, and black-boxing of local management.

Figure 1 ABeam Consulting's Global Organizational & Talent Management Framework and Key Issues

Figure 1 ABeam Consulting's Global Organizational & Talent Management Framework and Key Issues

Many of these issues have not yet been conquered, and new issues such as those shown in Figure 2 will most likely be added due to rapid progress of digitalization in the post-Corona era. In the future, organizational and talent management geared toward acquiring, from across the globe, more assets that will serve as a source of added value will be required.

Figure 2 Four New Issues Stemming from DX (Examples)

Figure 2 Four New Issues Stemming from DX (Examples)

Talent: Visualization and discovery of DX talent across the globe
While the problem has been recognized that sufficient control and support have not been provided for talent development and acquisition at overseas sites, there has been a growing need to discover DX talent on a global level with the increasing importance of DX support.

Knowledge: Establishing sites for sharing and deploying DX knowledge and sharing such knowledge on a global scale
While the need to collect global knowledge has been recognized and research functions have been provided from a long-term perspective, in order to promote new business creation utilizing new digital knowledge, the installation of functions similar to business development and the internal deployment of knowledge from such functions are becoming increasingly important.

Governance: Construction of mechanisms for scaling DX measures
While the importance of efforts to globally collect business ideas, including from overseas sites, and use the ideas in subsequent business development has been recognized, there is an urgent need to develop scaling support mechanisms for new digital use emerging simultaneously across the globe.

Vision: Instillment of DX vision combined with awareness reform
While the instillment of a corporate philosophy has been an issue for some time, against the backdrop of the necessity of and growing employee interest in a DX vision for business model transformation, an additional special focus will be placed on the sharing and instillment of a DX vision.

This article introduced perspectives and examples of various issues. As described above, management needs for the acquisition and increase of assets from across the globe are sure to increase in the future.

The issues associated with globalization, which have been temporarily suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic, will increase in complexity with the addition of DX elements. That is why it is important to revisit such issues as you resume operations in the post-Corona era.


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