System Operation and Maintenance Analyst Service

Analysis service designed to improve the performance while cutting down the cost at the same time

Currently, the IT division is under pressure to improve the situation.
It has been beset with an economy that cannot assume steady growth; demands are being made by management to improve and reform business processes through IT, to provide immediate access to information, yet continuously reduce costs while responding to advances in technologies such as cloud computing, virtualization and open source. Organizational problems relating to system operation and maintenance include business continuity risks arising from a stasis in personnel assignments as tasks become dependent on individual skills; the inability to keep up with change; and myriad other problems, which require drastic revisions.

Additionally, because of these numerous issues, a sense of stagnation prevails throughout the division; and in many cases, personnel lack vitality and they are in a state of little or no motivation. In order for such personnel to regain vigor, it is imperative that each individual feels that they are being useful. The most effective way of shifting personnel to work that instills in them a sense of being useful, maintaining business continuity, and holding back cost increases would be to focus on personnel assignments with an eye toward treating labor costs as variable costs.
However, it is also a fact that it is extremely difficult, when reworking preconceived notions and probing the organization of the information systems division, to determine internally, whether existing system operation and maintenance are, in fact, reasonable.

We will focus on persons and processes involved in operations and maintenance, which are the main processes of the information systems divisions; and using our proprietary analysis framework, conduct an evaluation of the organization and the business processes. We offer an analysis service designed to provide information from an independent third-party perspective and have our clients use such information as the first step in considering the maximization of organizational strength.

This service will become useful in the following situations:

Service Features

- Offer advice on the key points of achieving revitalized system operation and maintenance based on ABeam’s accumulated expertise and experience.

- Identify the processes to be performed in-house and indicate the number of required personnel.

- Identify the issues that need to be addressed, by focusing on the personsand processes involved in system operation and maintenance.

- Assess and pass fair judgment as a third party.

- Conduct efficient evaluation and analysis in a short time frame using an analysis framework.

Analysis Method

We will clarify the difference between the current system operation and maintenance and the ideal form of system operation and maintenance by using the analysis framework (Organization Evaluation and Business Process Evaluation) developed by ABeam.

Analysis Approach

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