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ABeam Consulting Singapore is a part of ABeam Consulting global network and has deep experience in helping businesses extend their global reach into Asia by employing our detailed knowledge of Asian business and cultural practices as well as legal and statutory requirements.
The firm is built around teams of talented senior level consultants, who offer real world implementation experiences. The average years of consulting experience among our team members is close to 10 years and many of them have extensive multinational experience. This is one of our key differentiators, having experienced consultants who analyse, advise and recommend versus the technical implementers.
Our clients are among the largest and most reputable in their respective industries and our success in serving them is reflected in having over 80% of them returning as repeat customers.

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Singapore is often referred to as the “Asian Hub” where “Regional HQ” are commonly located.  In order to become “Real Partner” for our customers, we need to be backed by professional consultants who not only are familiar with local market, but also business practices in respective countries or regions. I am proud to say that here in Singapore, our 120-strong multinational staff (inclusive 20+ Japanese) are well equipped to perform just that. In fact, the team is actively supporting customers’ business transformation, both locally and regionally especially South East Asia. Our clientele includes Local, Western and Japanese MNCs, coming from various industries, with a focus in Financial, EC&O, Trading and Manufacturing.

Our scope often includes large-scale project management, program management support, project implementation and process standardization through ERP and its roll-out, development of consolidated business management framework, fortifying internal controls framework – just to name a few.

In any given business transformation project, we fully appreciate and understand that potential dilemmas or conflicts could arise. This may due to the diversity of culture and/or business processes involved.  As such, not only taking care of the tangible deliverables of a project implementation, ABeam also play the Change Management agent role, fully committed to following through from the initial planning phase to implementation and beyond through establishing close working relationship, sometimes acting as a bridge among local, regional and head office staff for alignment.

RPA (Robotics Process Automation) has been gaining attention recently as game changing solution against management challenges caused majorly by globalization, potential work force shortage or evolution of so-called Industrial 4.0.  Also, known as “digital labor”, RPA enables automation of business processes by configuring the procedures currently done manually.  RPA brings efficiency to laborious and repetitive tasks, also enables improvement of complex process where multiple systems are involved.  True to our digital transform philosophy, here in Singapore, ABeam are engaged in providing services ranging from benefit scaling, project planning as well as implementation for various RPA projects. Customers are seeing immediate and real business benefits and savings by partnering ABeam on their RPA journey.

Tomokazu Yano

Tomokazu Yano
Managing Director

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