Consulting Services for the SE Asian Insurers: Core Operational Transformation


Insurance market in the South East Asian region continues to be considered as emerging, and in more than any other parts of the world, companies that strive to remain one step ahead of the competition will champion. ABeam offers consulting services for the insurers, both life and non-life, to succeed in continuous transformation of your core operations which we refer to as “Policy Lifecycle Management”.

Core Themes

To tackle the challenges that pop up one after another in todays ever-changing world, insurers are constantly forced to improve in areas such as:

  • Increasing customer attraction through enhancing customer experience
  • Minimizing loss-of-opportunity through shortened time-to-market (products, services, pricing)
  • Maximizing profitability through:
    • Loss ratio management
    • Expense management
  • Enhancing operational efficiency (both qualitative and quantitative)
  • Compliance/Governance
    • Regulatory framework
    • Internal controls

Examples of solutions

Using the sample core themes mentioned above, examples of specific areas where we could support are further dissected as follows. Work streams are established based on objective assessment of current state (“as-is”) and understanding the ideal state (“to-be”):

ABeam difference

Our consultants are well-versed in the insurance arena, either through wealth of working experience at insurance companies or as consultants serving the insurance industry. We focus on providing the right solution at the right time as your “Real Partner”:

  1. We understand what and where the real problem is
  2. We understand how and when to bridge between business and technology
  3. We focus on achieving the objectives through “on-the-floor” project management


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