ABeam Cloud Intelligent Cloud Optimization

Reduces up to 80% of computing costs by leveraging AI Technology and Spot market
Cloud has become the standard today. Many services run on top of cloud platform.
Enterprises move to the cloud to accelerate business growth, expand their reach to new markets,
and increase operational agility to gain competitive advantages.
However, Enterprises are facing the challenge of optimizing and reducing the cloud cost. Currently,
optimizing the cloud by internal resources takes a lot effort and too costly.
Our solution frees the Enterprises from Growing Cloud Costs.

Story of Growing Cloud Cost and Challenges of Reducing Cloud Cost

Solution Overview

We provide 2 types of services to free the Enterprises from cost reduction challenges

How Spotinst can save up to 80% of your cloud computing costs?

Spotinst allows companies to reliably run their production and mission-critical applications at a fraction of the computing price (up to 80% less) by providing predictability and high-availability in the Amazon EC2 Spot Market.

Spotinst UI- Intuitive Dashboard with Advanced Insights

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