ABeam Cloud® Global Sales & Manufacturing Template

In the fast-changing business and IT environments, manufacturing companies have expanded their horizon and explored new markets across the globe. Achieving globally standardized business operations, securing IT resources with the right skills and experiences, and selecting an IT solution that best fits the business are among the common challenges.

ABeam Cloud  Global Sales & Manufacturing Template orchestrates the best practices from ABeam Consulting's project experiences on the cloud platform.

What's in the Box?

3 Elements in Template
Business Process

Implementation strategy and template business processes are defined based upon ABeam Method™  and Industry Framework  which defines best practice for each industry.

Ready-to-Use System

Pre-configured system is equipped with template forms, reports, and tools necessary for everyday business use.

Document Templates

Document templates, including policies and procedures, system set-up guides, and training materials, are provided in each phase from the beginning of implementation to active use of the ERP system.


ABeam Cloud  Global Sales & Manufacturing Template is ready to support operations at both sales office and manufacturing plants. Considerations are made not only to industry-specific business processes but compliance to local regulations and statutory requirements.

Future changes in regulations and statutory requirements are supported by ABeam as part of template maintenance.


Value Proposition

ABeam Cloud  Global Sales & Manufacturing Template will;

  • Reduce time and cost required for ERP implementation
  • Visualize performances and figures of oversea branches
  • Standardize business operations
  • Strengthen corporate governance by the headquarter
  • Optimize consolidation
  • Ensure compliance to regulations and statutory requirements
Speedy Implementation

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