ABeam Consulting Appoints Executive Advisor:
Waseda University Visiting Professor
Dr. Ryohei Yanagi

Advancing sustainability management to help realize a sustainable society

ABeam Consulting Ltd.

ABeam Consulting Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Tatsuya Kamoi, President and CEO) is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Ryohei Yanagi, a visiting professor at Waseda University, as an executive advisor to help realize a sustainable society by advancing sustainability management, including the advancement of ESG management in corporations.

ABeam Consulting has established a new Sustainability Unit to advance initiatives to solve problems that are important to society. We ourselves promote corporate sustainability management aimed at helping to create a sustainable society, a goal we are committed to advancing by supporting our clients in their development of sustainability activities through consulting projects.

Specifically, we have been supporting efforts to improve corporate value through data-driven management by focusing on non-financial capital and by developing our Digital ESG Service since 2019. These efforts use analytics to reveal the correlation between non-financial capital and increased corporate value.

Dr. Yanagi, whom we are welcoming as an executive advisor, is an expert in the field of financial accounting and a leading figure in the field of non-financial value actualization. He has put forward the "Yanagi Model," a calculation formula that shows the relationship between ESG and corporate value.

In developing the Digital ESG Service, ABeam Consulting has been working with Dr. Yanagi to develop new analysis methods utilizing the Yanagi model. We have been jointly conducting a proof of concept for analyzing the correlation between the non-financial data and financial data that exist within companies in efforts to bring visibility to the non-financial activities of companies through data, thereby quantitatively clarifying the contribution of such activities to improving corporate value.

Through this new appointment, our aim is to propose ways of administering corporate management that incorporate non-financial information, to expand our services to include the realization of corporate value enhancement through exposure of non-financial information, and to further expand corporate sustainability management. We will also build new methods of quantifying non-financial information, such as ESG accounting, and advocate for data-driven corporate transformation, including the ways people approach decision-making. In doing so, we will make a difference as an accelerator of social transformation, thereby contributing to the achievement of a sustainable society.

■ Profile of Dr. Yanagi
Dr. Yanagi earned his PhD in Economics at Kyoto University, and serves as a visiting professor at the Graduate School of Accountancy, Waseda University. His public service work includes serving on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Listing System Improvement Advisory Committee, as standing director of the U.S. Institute of Management Accountants, and chairman of the Management Finance Course of the Japan Productivity Center's Academy of Management Development. In his professional career, he has served as a bank branch manager, head of investor relations and finance for a manufacturer, executive director of UBS Securities, and senior managing executive officer and chief financial officer (CFO) of Eisai Co. Named the "Best CFO in the Healthcare Sector" in 2016, 2017, 2019, 2020, and 2022 by Institutional Investor magazine's Global Institutional Investor Poll. United States Certified Management Accountant (USCMA) United States Certified Financial Manager (USCFM)

Dr. Ryohei Yanagi

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