Our insurance industry expert will be a speaker at “Asia Summit on Claims Management in a Disrupted and Automated Word”

It is time to use claims to win the game and not shy away. This Summit will tackle this critical paradox of efficient underwriting and effective claims management as often claims are naively seen as the weak side of poor underwriting and actively defended.
Digital and technology has shaken several core beliefs and even turned USPs of many businesses on its heel. Algorithms, big data sets and chatbots are now being used to take customers through applications. Robots are learning the business of covering risks. And data analysis and AI can spot fraud patterns quickly. How is the Insurance industry going to leverage on such endless potential and possibilities? The future of insurance will not be denied.

Event Overview

19-20 Nov 2018, Mandarin Orchard Hotel, Singapore
Theme: “Superior Claims Handling through Efficient Underwriting as the future of insurance”

Our insurance industry expert, Kei Takasaku will be a speaker

Kei Takasaku   Day 1: Monday, 19 November 2018
Evolution of Underwriting to Thrive in Tomorrow’s Highly Dynamic and Competitive Marketplace

Kei Takasaku, Senior Manager, ABeam Consulting

Short Biography of Kei Takasaku

Kei is an insurance practitioner over 20 years of industry experience in multiple environments, ranging from local, regional office to head office.  
Having worked at US MNCs as well as local insurers with underwriting and operations as his specialty, Kei has been responsible for turning around unprofitable portfolios, post-merger integration, system enhancements as well as new country start-ups.  He was also the pioneer members of multiple direct-to-consumer start-ups in Singapore.                   
With ABeam Consulting, he is spearheading out further expansion into insurance industry services in South East Asia.
Kei can be reached at: ktakasaku@abeam.com

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