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ABeam Consulting Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Toshnori Iwasawa, president) and Israeli NPO Start-Up Nation Central Ltd.(CC) (SNC; Israel; Eugene Kandel, CEO) signed a strategic partnership contract on today, further strengthening the ability of ABeam Consulting to provide its Start-up Research Service, which aims to promote collaboration among established Japanese industry and local start-ups.

In recent years, the globalization of Japanese industry and the emergence of digital firms known as “disruptors” have intensified competition and brought about major changes in the environment in which enterprises must operate. One technique companies by which companies have tried to gain a competitive edge has been to collaborate with start-up ventures. The growing trend among established companies is toward incorporating technologies and know-how that they lack on their own, thereby generating new business activity and creating value.

Israel has not only earned a strong reputation for its active high-tech  industry and technological sophistication, its national  programs to foster start-ups are attracting worldwide interest. Related efforts among Japanese businesses are intensifying, including monitoring of local start-ups in Israel and consideration of setting up local offices. At the same time, however, few Japanese companies have been as successful as they would like in partnerships with Israeli start-ups because of numerous unresolved issues. These include a lack of information on local Israeli start-ups, the need to form local networks, and failure to attain anticipated results due to cultural differences.

SNC is a nonprofit, non-governmental organization established  to support global implementation of Israeli innovation. It maintains current information on more than 6,200 domestic innovation companies, and uses partnerships with government and educational institutions to promote collaborations across a wide range of fields including finance, manufacturing and healthcare, thereby contributing to the development of Israeli industry. ABeam Consulting, meanwhile, provides services that go beyond the application of its consulting know-how to support Japanese companies in their globalization and new business creation efforts. ABeam Consulting also puts its proprietary global network to use in helping with discernment of the value of worldwide technologies and solutions. By collaborating with each other, these two partners have established a powerful capacity to promote strategic partnerships between Israeli start-ups and Japanese corporations.

Specifically, ABeam Consulting formulates a research approach in keeping with the client’s partnership objectives, then conducts research and helps formulate a business collaboration strategy. SNC possesses Israel’s largest database of local start-ups and uses local business networks to provide lists of collaboration candidates, and arrange for visits to and business meetings with start-ups and other players in Israel’s innovation ecosystem. Through observation of local start-ups and implementation of marketing events, etc., they can maximize the advantages of a partnership as they help implement  innovation. ABeam Consulting’s start-up research service varies according to client firms’ needs and scope of activity, and is available starting at about ¥4 million. 

The first project to be pursued by this partnership has provided comprehensive support to TOHO Technology Corp. (Nagoya, Aichi prefecture; Hideyuki Tomita, president), including research into start-ups with strengths in the IoT field to help TOHO Technology move forward with development of new business plans. TOHO Technology is looking for start-ups that own proprietary wireless technologies for industrial robot control.

ABeam Consulting and SNC will continue to make the most of the strengths both can bring to bear, helping Japanese companies to further heighten their corporate value.


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About Start-Up Nation Central Ltd.(CC)

Start-Up Nation Central is an independent non-profit that builds bridges to Israeli innovation. We connect business, government, and NGO leaders from around the world to Israeli innovation, through highly customized business engagements, and through Start-Up Nation Finder – an easy to use, up-to-date, free online platform for discovering and connecting with thousands of relevant innovators. We identify technological sectors with high-growth potential, and help them develop to maturity. We currently focus on the Digital Health, AgriFoodtech and Industry 4.0 sectors, exposing them to global audiences, helping them develop practical tools, attracting investors, and establishing and nurturing tech communities to increase collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and skills expansion. 

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