As the world becomes increasingly financially uncertain, companies are being subjected to extreme changes in the external environment, including intensified global competition and M&As between companies. 
For companies and their corporate groups to maintain and improve performance under such circumstances, a well-balanced enterprise management, enabling the maximization of enterprise value, while simultaneously enhancing the satisfaction of stakeholders, including shareholders, customers and employees, is essential. Moreover, to survive in such an intensely competitive environment, it is imperative that companies clearly define their core businesses, while deploying strategies toward “continuous reforms,” aiming to achieve performance superior to their competitors. Many such companies engaged in the implementation of these measures have successfully realized their management vision by implementing cross-sectional reforms involving their entire corporate groups. 

At ABeam Consulting, we support (1) “the formulation of strategic policies” that aim to maximize enterprise value and achieve a competitive advantage, and (2) “the formulation of fundamental strategies” and “the definition of measures and the preparation of implementation plans” to realize these strategic polices, in an effort to maintain and enhance the performance of companies and their corporate groups. 
The main features of the strategic services offered by ABeam Consulting are as follows:
1. Formulating strategy that maintains a balance between the “maximization of enterprise value,” “gaining a competitive advantage,” and “feasibility and effectiveness.” 
2. An efficient approach thanks to collaboration between our seasoned consultants and clients. 
3. Harnessing of our methodology, toolset and database to ensure the implementation of each task, including a survey and analysis of current circumstances, consideration of policies and definition of measures, in an efficient and high-quality manner. 
4. The provision of uniform services covering every phase from the implementation of measures, including system development, to the realization of the strategies.

【Example consulting themes】

> Corporate vision / group enterprise strategies 
> Business portfolio strategies / M&A strategies 
> Brand value strategies / customer loyalty strategies 
> Strategies for entry into new markets / new business model development 
> Business recovery strategies 
> Business IT strategies
>CPM-Strategies: (Customer, Product and Marketing)
>NPD-Strategies (New Product Development) 
>SRM-Strategies (Supplier Relationship Management) 
>SCM-Strategies (Supply Chain Management) 
>PI-Strategies (Performance Improvement) 
>VBM-Strategies (Value Based Management)

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