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Maximizing the strengths of one’s own company while also continuing to change
Having the courage to take on enormous transformations for sustained growth into the future, departing from a linear extension of the past

These themes are precisely the challenges that leaders of corporations and other organizations are now taking on.

The journey of many in Japanese society and industry throughout the 30 years of the Heisei Era speaks to just how hard it can be to implement these undertakings and bring about results. Japan is an advanced nation facing serious issues. In addition to confronting the challenges of a declining and aging population, Japan is about to enter the next stage in its development amid changes that are taking the sophistication of society and industry to a new level. This global tide of change includes increasingly multipolarized globalization, accelerating digitization, and the need to coexist with the global environment.

Throughout the roughly 40 years since our founding, we at ABeam Consulting have served as a global consulting firm out of Japan and out of Asia, supporting our clients in taking on the challenge of achieving transformative change by providing a full array of services including management strategy proposals, business consulting for strategy implementation, and IT implementation and operation.

In these rapidly changing, uncertain times, I believe the only consulting firms that can truly become trusted partners to clients moving forward with enormous transformations are those possessing the wherewithal to create tangible results together while exercising unprecedented speed and agility in addition to deep insights into society, markets and industry issues.

At ABeam Consulting, we aim to continue increasing our practical ability to generate results together as we share the challenges of transformative change with the clients on a global scale.

President and CEO Tatsuya Kamoi

President and CEO
Tatsuya Kamoi

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