Human Capital and Organizational Transformation

Attracting and retaining skilled workforces are among the toughest of challenges and highest of expenses for most organizations. HR departments, once viewed as a subordinate corporate function, now share equal importance with lines of business for enterprise success. HR responsibilities have expanded strategically to cultivate a performance-driven business culture.

In addition to the traditional responsibilities of talent acquisition, administration of payroll and benefits, and care of employee records, HR professionals now work closely with line of business managers, measuring employee performance against business goals and optimizing workforce utilization for operational and competitive advantages. Global organizations face additional challenges of rationalizing Human Capital Management programs for cultural differences, business conditions and talent pools across geographies.


ABeam services for Human Capital Management drive a sophisticated balance of strategy, process, technology and people. Our approach enables clients to make informed decisions on selecting, implementing or re-engineering a global HR services model with the most appropriate balance of centralized (global) and de-centralized (local) controls.
We collaborate with you to define roles and responsibilities for HR staff within the right model, select and implement HR information management technology, and follow a change management strategy that ensures stakeholder acceptance. Besides ERP and HR-specific applications, we also assist clients with online self-service portals for managers, employees and talent recruitment, and dashboard-driven workforce analytics. The result ensures that you can measure, align and optimize human capital performance with business goals.



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Torii Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Torii Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Torii Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a manufacturing and sales company for new p…

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