ABeam Consulting enhances RPA BPR service ~From small starts to large-scale operations, adding the proven global performance of Blue Prism® to the ABeam lineup to meet diverse needs~

ABeam Consulting Ltd.

ABeam Consulting Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Toshinori Iwasawa, president) announces on September 6, that it is adding Blue Prism® RPA software products provided by Blue Prism Group plc (London, UK; Alastair Bathgate, CEO) in an expansion of its RPA BPR service lineup*, which helps companies increase productivity and carry out work-style reforms.

RPA, Robotic Process Automation, is attracting interest as a practical method of coping with decreases in the working population and of carrying out work-style reforms. It is rapidly being adopted by companies of all sizes across industries. Having formed specialized departments have completed proof-of-concept (PoC), the most advanced larger companies are now moving to put RPA into full-fledged operation. When RPA is implemented with business processes that span multiple departments or involve the handling of a range of personal and other information, it becomes necessary to ensure more robust security than ever. More sophisticated solutions of the kind that can support automation of large-scale complex processes also become essential.

Now ABeam Consulting is combining the knowledge and expertise it has accumulated from its own proven track record of successful BPR and RPA project implementation with Blue Prism® products, which feature highly evolved functionality and a strong reputation among major global corporations and financial institutions. This combination will enable ABeam Consulting to better meet the needs of companies that wish to implement RPA on a large scale, and to implement processes in a more secure environment. In addition to Blue Prism® implementation, we provide comprehensive support that answers the needs of large-scale implementation across multiple organizational structures. Services include help with the formulation of governance rules, as well as insourcing the development, construction of internal control functions.

While pricing for RPA BPR support services using Blue Prism® vary according to the needs of the customer and the scope of implementation, service fees begin at about 3 million yen, including Blue Prism® implementation, selection of automation targets, robot design, development and testing. (not including licensing fees). ABeam Consulting plans to proactively present this product to companies considering large-scale implementation and high levels of security, targeting to provide service to 30 companies by the end of fiscal 2018.

“Blue Prism welcomes this announcement by ABeam Consulting.” said Blue Prism Executive Vice President for Global Sales Martin Flood. “As a leading company in the field of RPA in Japan, they have an extensive track record of performance. The intelligent digital workforce platform provided by Blue Prism, the first to develop RPA, is the world’s most successful enterprise RPA software. Through ABeam Consulting, numerous Japanese companies will be able to get the true value of RPA. I am certain that they will be able to achieve work-style reforms and higher levels of productivity.”

By combining the latest technologies with its knowledge and experience of BPR, ABeam is able to actively recommend new work styles while supporting Japanese companies in their efforts to improve productivity and governance.


*ABeam Consulting’s Robotic Process Automation BPR support is a consulting service that uses RPA to help improve white-collar business process efficiency and productivity. Depending on the needs of the client firm, it can include identification of business processes to be targeted, basic plan formulation and implementation support, robot development, formulation of operational control rules and training of technical personnel. This is a comprehensive service covering the whole process from initial implementation to its fully established operation.

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About Blue Prism

As the pioneer, innovator and market leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Blue Prism delivers the world’s most successful Digital Workforce. The company’s intelligent digital workers provide business leaders with new operational capacity and intelligent skills to automate mission critical business processes, while meeting the requirements of the most demanding IT environments, where security, compliance and scalability are paramount.
Blue Prism provides a scalable and robust execution platform for best-of-breed AI and cognitive technologies and has emerged as the trusted and secure RPA platform of choice for the Fortune 500. Billions of transactions and hundreds of millions of hours of work are executed on Blue Prism robots from renowned companies including Aegon, BNY Mellon, Coca-Cola, Commerzbank, IBM, ING, Maersk, Nokia, Nordea, Procter & Gamble, Raiffeisen Bank, Siemens, Westpac and Zurich.
For more information about Blue Prism (AIM: PRSM), visit www.blueprism.com and follow the company on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About ABeam Consulting

ABeam Consulting provides business transformation services that create strategic advantages, improve business processes, leverage technology innovation, and enhance organizational performance for leading multinational and domestic companies worldwide. ABeam partners with clients to diagnose and solve their real challenges with solutions that combine industry and operational best practices with technical expertise. Pragmatic approaches ensure that clients gain measurable value more quickly. Headquartered in Tokyo, ABeam’s 5,000 professionals serve more than 800 clients throughout Asia, the Americas and Europe. For more information, please visit http://www.abeam.com/

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