About Us

Co-creating the future as a constructive partner and developing society with companies and organizations

ABeam Consulting’s goal is to be the number one global consulting firm in Asia. We support client transformations through the comprehensive capabilities of our 8,300-strong workforce. Our services are backed by our experience and a worldwide network of alliance partners.
ABeam Consulting transforms companies and society by collaborating with companies and organizations to co-create a new future and drive definitive change.

Message from CEO

At ABeam Consulting, we are always striving to evolve so that we can continue to be sought after as a partner for change by societies, companies, and organizations that have reached a turning point in these times, and are in need of dynamic change. We will contribute to the creation of a sustainable society and the sustained growth of companies and organizations by designing the overall picture of transformation and taking a leadership role in creating new value together with the various stakeholders involved.

Takahiro Yamada
President and CEO

Message from Managing Director

We are a solutions services provider focused on helping business-to-business companies architect and implement strategies that fully utilize today’s technologies.
At ABeam, we believe in building and improving the fundamentals of business operations as a foundation to support enhancing technologies such as ecommerce and Supply Chain Management. Operations from receipt of an order to manufacturing, delivery and receipt of payment are the basic fundamental activities of any company. Companies must have the correct internal tools; producing accurate data through efficiently integrated systems in order truly capitalize on employing enhancing technologies.

Koji Nakatani
Managing Director

Management Philosophy/Our Brand

We present to you ABeam Consulting’s management philosophy, brand slogan, and brand statement. ABeam has adopted its brand slogan and brand statement, based on its “Real Partner®” philosophy.
Companies, organizations, and society can rely on us as a transformation partner that works with clients to create value.

Client trust


82.9 pt

The average point given by our customers answered the question of “Please grade our services including our deliverables on a 100 point scale”.

Continued Intention

89.1 %

The percentage of respondents answering “Agree” or “Agree strongly” to the question, “Do you agree that ABeam Consulting is a suitable partner for building a long-term relationship?”