New book now on sale:
Best Practices for Global Consolidated Earnings Management

ABeam Consulting Ltd.

 ABeam Consulting Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Tatsuya Kamoi, President and CEO) announces that Best Practices for Global Consolidated Earnings Management, a book offering recommendations and explanations of how to apply accounting strategies to consolidated earnings management, is being published on June 1 (Wed.) by Chuokeizai-sha Holdings Inc.

Japanese companies have lately been absent from the Top Ten rankings of world stock market capitalization rankings, and their corporate value and international competitiveness are deteriorating. Factors behind this decline include an inability to put management consolidation and group business management into practice. Companies fail to do this because they cannot build KPIs informed by accounting strategy and derived from a hands-on workplace perspective into their own management strategies.

This book presents a compilation of specific case studies in global consolidated earnings management best practices, which serve as the basis for know-how that can be put to immediate use in the corporate accounting management workplace.

The book is designed to show how companies should conduct business from the standpoint of the changes wrought on the economic environment due to such factors as the spread of the COVID-19 contagion.

■Publication overview

New book now on sale: Best Practices for Global Consolidated Earnings Management

Title: Best Practices for Global Consolidated Earnings Management
Authorship: Yuichiro Takagi, Daisuke Numata,
Tatsuhiro Sakuma, Kazuya Wakimoto,
Hiroshi Yamamoto, Digital Process  Business Unit FMC Sector, ABeam Consulting Ltd.
Publication date:  June 1 (Wed.), 2022
Price:    ¥2,640 (tax included)
Publisher:    Chuokeizai-sha Holdings Inc.
ISBN-10:    4502433217
ISBN-13:    978-4502433214

Chapter 1: What Is Global Consolidated Earnings Management?
 1. What is global consolidated management?
 2. Why global consolidated earnings management?
Chapter 2: Ideal Global Consolidated Earnings Management
 1. The environment surrounding global consolidated management
 2. How global consolidated earnings management should be managed under real-world conditions
Chapter 3: Global Consolidated Earnings Management Best Practices
 1. How to derive key issues
 2. Defining strategy and objectives
 3. Setting KPI (by department, by individual)
 4. Defining & executing management processes
 5. Organizational functions
 6. Systems & technologies
Chapter 4: Putting Global Consolidated Earnings Management into Practice
 1. Company A, a case study
 2. Company B, a case study
Chapter 5: The Future of Global Consolidated Earnings Management
 1. The business environment of the coming decade (PEST analysis)
 2. Keywords for global consolidated earnings management

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