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About ABeam Consulting Korea

Since its founding in 2005, ABeam Consulting Korea has contributed to the transformation of South Korean operations of multinational corporations, primarily through our work with the local subsidiaries of Japanese global companies.

With respect to Japanese global multinationals in particular, we build consulting teams comprising consultants from parent company ABeam Consulting (of Japan), who are intimately familiar with our clients, and our expert local consultants in South Korea.

We provide IT-driven solutions to management issues in areas including administrative and business process reengineering (BPR), supply chain management, customer relationship management, business intelligence, personnel and human resource management, and more.

Efforts to boost the corporate value of Japanese companies in South Korea must go beyond the perspective of value chain alone to consider their position within the Asian region, and the increasingly complex geopolitical situation of South Korea. In order to accomplish that, an expert global consulting firm that knows Japan is essential. That’s ABeam Consulting. Come succeed with us!

A message from the head of Korean operation

Taking our clients to the next stage: We support our clients with everything we’ve got. Come succeed with us!

Having weathered the Asian currency crisis, South Korea has given rise to numerous companies that are growing globally, particularly large corporate conglomerates. With an economic structure fundamentally dependent on exports and foreign investment, the intensity of activity in each of South Korea’s domestic markets varies quite a bit from one industry type or configuration to another.

In order to achieve continued growth in such an environment, it is necessary to have professionals continually contributing to corporate transformation by thinking together with the client about case studies in success from other industries, while also considering the nature of their relations with other geographical areas including Japan.

We put everything we’ve got into helping our clients succeed, including expertise in IoT/digital, data analysis, robotics and other new BPR tools, all based on our accumulated know-how in BPR with ERP implementation and supply chain optimization.

Yuichi Yamada

Yuichi Yamada
Head of Korean Operation

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