ABeam Consulting collaborates with Spotinst

~Providing the Amazon EC2 AWS, an AI-based cost-cutting solution~

Tokyo 2017/June/28 : ABeam Consulting Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Toshinori Iwasawa, president) entered into a contract with Spotinst Ltd.1, forming a partnership to provide solutions using Spotinst cost-cutting platform.

Through the collaboration, ABeam Consulting will provide Spotinst product sales, implementation support and services that integrate its own solutions and Spotinst platform to accelerate and cut the cost of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2:Provided by Amason Web Services, Inc.) instances by 50% to 80%. Spotinst provides a proprietary AI predictive algorithms for reliable access to EC2 Spot Instances resulting dramatic cost reduction while ensuring high-availability for production and mission critical applications.

As we enter an era in which the vast majority of services are offered through Cloud Platforms, companies are encountering cost issues, and are in a continuous need for a wide range of specialized human resources to help them reduce costs and optimize their cloud usage.

In addition to PoC and implementation support, ABeam Consulting offers cloud management support, cloud cost reduction and optimization through the ABeam Cloud2. By incorporating the use of Spotinst solutions into ABeam solutions, ABeam will now be able to reach even greater cost-reduction and cloud management efforts.

By providing the best possible solution through a combination of the specialized capabilities of both companies, ABeam Consulting will be able to assist companies with the cloud management issues they face.


1. Based in San Francisco. Spotinst established a proven record of dramatic cost reduction for it’s clients. https://spotinst.com/

2. ABeam Cloud is a service that can be used with the cloud infrastructure of both Japanese and overseas service providers, offering a full range of business applications necessary for business management, with templates for various industries and business types.

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