AMS / ITO Service

Quality Services for Application / Infrastructure Operation and Maintenance

ABeam Consulting believes that balancing the interdependencies of an organization's application and infrastructure is crucial to its operations and the achievement of management key performance indicators.
The AMS/ITO Service emphasizes maximizing efficient current operations, while researching improvements that contribute to future operational success.

Service Concept

ABeam Consulting will resolve issues arising from the operation and maintenance of application / infrastructure and offer excellent quality AMS / ITO service.

Flexible Service Structures that Meet Customers’ Needs

  • The optimum operation and maintenance structures that are scalable and accommodate your organization's requirements. The examples of such structures are as follows; a)“Onsite Model” that a member of ABeam Consulting is assigned to the office; b)“Offsite Model,” which eliminates dependence on specific individuals and offers module-specific support; c) “Hybrid Model,” which combines the above two models.
  • Fee structures may be offered to dependent on customer's needs. The examples; a) Monthly contract hours base structure, b) Usage-based rates structure and c) fixed fee.

Multilingual Support Including Overseas Locations

  • Service is provided 24/7 based on the concepts of Follow-the-Sun and Best Shore.
  • Compatibility with Chinese, German, Spanish and Portuguese as well as Japanese and English.
  • Integrated operation and maintenance system from Japan with emphasis on governance can be provided.

Providing Operation Structures and Process Defined through Our Operation and Maintenance Experience and expertise

  • The structures and processes defined by ITIL compliant ABeam Methodology (operation and maintenance phase) will be deployed.
  • IT Service Management tool: G2B(Grow2BE)is provided as a basic tool, which is included in the monthly fee.
  • By utilizing secure and virtual networks to connect business locations and providing qualified staff, AMS/ITO services are cost-effective.

Proposals to Improve Operations by Service Delivery Manager

  • Recommendations for enhancements based on historical activity can be proposed.
  • Leverage ABeam Consulting's expertise gained through analysis of previous engagements.

Utilization of OE (Operational Excellence)

  • We develop and establish a framework to enhance the cleansing of data using ABeam's OE methodology. This ensures that management decisions are based on reliable inputs. We support the maximum utilization of system-based information for the enhancement of performance indicators.

The Structure of the Service Menu

The operation and maintenance services have been divided into four layers and each task has been defined as a service menu. We offer these services in flexible combinations upon customers’ request.

1. Common Management Services

Contact point and administration of the services is provided

2. Application Management Services

Operation and maintenance of application modules are provided

- Standard maintenance work
- Practice of change request by customizing and changing Add-on programs, etc.

3. Operation and Maintenance Services

Operation and maintenance of infrastructure are provided

- Management work and tasks relating to printers, migration requests and Clients
- Running operation jobs and system jobs
- Management and application tasks of batch information
- Gathering / analysis and fine-tuning of system performance data
- Vendor inquiries when peripheral applications (ledgers, EDI / EAI, archives, etc.) malfunction, etc.

4. Server / Data Center Services

Operation and maintenance of data center facilities and servers are provided

- Management of operation services and establishing procedures and rules for operations
- Machine operation
- Monitoring required processes
- Responding to malfunctions and requesting help from the help desk
- Management of backup media: Providing the necessary facilities

* Server data center services are optional services.

ABeam Consulting also Provides Other Services that Arise from Operations

  • (e.g., responding to upgrades, responding to enterprise support).

Global AMS

We are able to provide support 24/7 through the 3 zones of “Follow-the-Sun.” Additionally, by sharing response team members according to the urgency and priority of the operation and maintenance tasks based on the “Best Shore” concept, we are able to provide services at optimum costs.

- Services are provided by consolidating multiple business locations through a secure and virtual environment.

- Optimum cost is achieved by determining the urgency and priority of the tasks and using the Best Shore resources

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