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Our solid 20-year partnership with SAP and initiatives to adopt latest technologies enables us to provide SAP consulting services that help our clients achieve true business transformation.

Comprehensive services

Our project teams combine industry-expert consultants abundantly experienced in the client’s business field with consultants who specialize in processes and technologies including the latest SAP solutions such as SAP S/4HANA®, SAP Leonardo, C/4HANA, SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP Concur, and SAP Integrated Business Planning. This enables us to provide numerous and diverse SAP consulting services fine-tuned to the client’s business.


ABeam has received a 2020 SAP® Pinnacle Award as the SAP S/4HANA Movement Partner of the Year

Best global partner during 2019, SAP S/4HANA Movement Partner of the Year award category

2020 SAP®Pinnacle Award

Please find the press release here for details.

ABeam Receives Three SAP Awards of Excellence 2020: “Project Award”, “The Best Resource Partner Award” and “SAP Meister IQ Certification” 

LIXIL Corp.: Metals infrastructure system renewal project (aluminum profile products, industrial products)
Using ABeam Cloud™ Conversion Express Factory for SAP S/4HANA®, we accomplished the transfer to SAP S/4HANA® in the logistics field in six months. In addition, by incorporating ultra-rapid development, we built a front system for sales that enables flexible, speedy responses to industry-specific requirements. The project received high praise for building new business infrastructure that seamlessly links processes ranging from orders to manufacturing, distribution and accounting.

The Best Resource Partner Award
This award expresses the high value placed on our accomplishments of having acquired the greatest number of new certifications during the year and of marshaling the best consultants in the country in terms of up-to-date and in-demand specialized expertise. At the same time, the award recognized the results we have produced on projects across a broad range of companies and industries, as well as our proactive efforts in developing original methodologies and in training personnel.

*The number of SAP-certified consultants & certifications is publicized by SAP as below.

SAP Meister IQ Certification
Kazuma Suzuki, Senior Manager, ITMS Sector, P&T Digital Business Unit The certification acknowledges the high value placed on Mr. Suzuki’s accomplishment in establishing a new approach to conversion with ABeam Cloud™ Conversion Express Factory for SAP S/4HANA®, a service for conversion to SAP S/4HANA®. Provided by the “Factory”, an expert team with knowledge and of SAP products and services, the service was recognized as being implemented through Mr. Suzuki’s global deployment of the approach, with Japan as the point of origin.

No. 1 experts in the Japanese market

With more than 5,000 of SAP validated certifications worldwide including 4,302, the largest number hold in Japan. As to the number of 1,548 for S/4HANA® consultant certification has also been validated by SAP as the highest number to count.(*)
We have established a proven track record with successful projects for a wide range of clients in various industries. The resulting accumulation of our expertise has enabled us to develop effective methodologies and templates which translate into optimal SAP consulting services for our clients.

*As of Nov., 2020.

SAP Consultant

Liaison offices

The Liaison Office established in 2016 in Walldorf, Germany, as our SAP headquarters benefits from immediate access to the latest SAP solutions. It provides us with a permanent presence that has enabled us to provide our clients with access to our own network and its solid track record of success. This ability to network directly with SAP product personnel and SAP expert organizations enables us to provide the highest quality of SAP consulting services.

Liaison offices

Global networks

Through our own unique global networks, we help our clients deploy business operations overseas in a safe, effective manner with uniform services ranging from business consulting to systems development, operation and maintenance.


Our numerous and diverse SAP consulting services are specially tailored to the client’s business operations and field of industry because they are provided by specialized consultants.

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