Transportation & Logistics

The transportation industry is in an “uneven” state. With regard to “clean” public transportation infrastructure, such as railways, hundreds of development projects are crowding in developing countries while redevelopment projects are on the rise in developed countries. This presents great opportunities for companies with cutting-edge technology and advanced knowhow in that field to win big business overseas. To capitalize on these opportunities, it is necessary to develop a new growth scenario. The logistics industry, on the other hand, is in a severe condition due to the recession. Shipping companies face an urgent need to prop up their competitive power by industry reorganization including merger and acquisition. They need also to review their systems for improved efficiency and price competitiveness while building a new revenue model, with a view to partnering with related business operators.

ABeam Expertise

ABeam services to transportation enterprises have led to the creation of our proprietary ABeam Transportation Solution (ATS), a series of specialized templates for SAP applications covering financial accounting, management reporting, fixed-assets management and maintenance, material management, construction, business performance management, facility management, real estate management and human resources. 

Our ATS approach brings clarity to complex business decisions and helps to shorten system implementations for achieving your specific business goals. With ABeam, your organization gains the expertise to meet evolving transportation needs with higher enterprise efficiency, levels of service and profitable growth.


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