Public Relations Report "ABeam" 2019-20

Public Relations Report "ABeam" 2019-20

We are delighted to inform you that ABeam Public Relations Report 2019-2020 has been published, providing the viewpoints expressed by our frontline consultants on problem resolution and others.

ABeam Public Relations Report 2019-2020

Public Relations Report "ABeam" 2019-20

What do Japanese companies need in order to move forward forcefully with digital transformation (DX)?

This is an annual report on the wide range of service themes which are offered by ABeam Consulting and are necessary for corporate growth and transformation. This year, Japanese companies are taking on management topics that are essential to the powerful promotion of DX. This year’s report introduces diverse insights into ESG and Israeli ventures × innovation, as well as local reports from Vietnam, where growth is even more prominent.

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Table of Contents

Contributing to Corporate and Social Transformation in anticipation of a Digital Society

Cover Story 1
Digital & ESG
Maximize corporate value by realizing non-financial information

Cover Story 2
Israeli startups attracting attention;
Promoting innovation of Japanese companies through supporting collaboration

ABeam’s Perspective:DX updates for Japanese companies
ABeam’s Perspective 1
“Purpose” of DX;
What corporate transformation is required to overcome the Digital industrial revolution?

ABeam’s Perspective 2
Human resources management to People Analytics;
utilizing “human resource data” and digital technology

ABeam’s Perspective 3
MaaS’s potential for solving social issues;
What are some of the monetization success stories that are required now?

ABeam’s Perspective 4
IoT captures and AI leads—
Review the value chain with DX promotion

Region Report from Vietnam
Significance of adopting RPA for companies entering Vietnam
Rapidly changing business ; digital technology is required to streamline

Advanced Case: Introduction of RPA in Vietnam
Top Management drives Evolution

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