BPO Services

In recent years, the use of business process outsourcing (BPO) has regained attention as a means of improving productivity by boosting global competitiveness, strengthening management foundations, decisively cutting costs and strategically distributing limited resources. Based on our accumulated IT solutions and BPR expertise, ABeam Consulting provides flexible BPO services adapted to diverse corporate needs.

Issues facing corporations and heightened expectations for BPO

According to the results of a survey conducted in 2011 by ABeam Consulting, many firms would like to use BPO services to solve their management issues.

Service Overview

To alleviate issues and concerns regarding BPO, we offer two BPO offerings: Unified Process/IT BPO Services and Management BPO Services. In addition, the BPO services offered by ABeam Consulting are based on Industry FrameworkR infrastructure, providing industry-standard processes and IT frameworks defined according to the distinctive business process characteristics of each industry type. Services can therefore be provided across a diverse range of industries and business fields.

Characteristics of Unified Process/IT BPO Services

We provide unified AMS/ITO* BPO services refined by our process/IT expertise accumulated through development of industry-specific best practices over multiple implementations building global business infrastructure. This enables us to optimize business operations from the dual perspectives of cost and quality. Providing unified process/IT services makes it possible to rapidly deploy BPO services and make them available. Unified process/IT BPO services are particularly effective for firms planning or implementing ERP solutions. In addition, ERP implementation assuming BPO makes it possible to cut out unnecessary add-ons.

Unified Process/IT BPO

  • Cost reduction by thorough streamlining due to process/IT improvement proposals
  • Unified control of the total process/IT picture makes it possible to offer services with high levels of responsibility and therefore service quality

BPO Based on Achieved ERP Implementation

  • BPO is set up (initial analysis, process hand-over) by professionals well versed in ERP function & operations, providing speedy, high-quality services

Unified Process/ IT BPO Service Flow

Characteristics of Management BPO Services

Rather than simply carrying out processes, we join together with the company to support them in executing BPR/improvement. In order to implement and promote these efforts, our business process consultants provide on-site BPO services.
Using this service makes BPO possible in fields such as strategy and management, in which processes are irregular, highly sophisticated, and difficult to isolate and make visible. Costs can be cut still further and quality elevated still more by carrying out business process improvement in conjunction with the BPO service.

BPO by Consultants

  • A diverse group of consultants with wide-ranging specialties can apply BPO to processes that are highly difficult and require specialization.
  • By regularizing and promoting visibility of complex business processes, our consultants make it possible to apply BPO to intricate processes that have been difficult to isolate and outsource.
  • Rather than BPO alone, business process improvement, streamlining and visibility promotion make off-site BPO possible for even greater cost reduction.

On-site BPO

  • Entering into the workplace and working with the client firm as a unit makes it possible to provide meticulous, flexible support across a wide range of processes.
  • Executing processes together with the consultant helps develop personnel with shared transformational know-how, and a strong desire for improvement.

Management BPO Service Flow (in this case, financial reporting BPO)

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