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Managers who lose the ability to forecast changes in the business management environment have already lost hold of the basis for assured decision-making based on past experience, performance and trends. Moving forward, it will be critical to enhance growth by boosting corporate business intelligence. This can be accomplished through the application of advanced digital technologies like AI and real-time machine learning using diverse instantaneous information from the bodies of Big Data that can be accessed within the company and without. The signs of changes to come can thus be grasped, forecasts further into the future can be made, and responsive strategies and tactics can be designed. This is what it will take to achieve future growth.

In addition to our wealth of knowledge and experience in data analysis consulting including statistical analysis and data mining, ABeam Consulting is able to provide cutting-edge BI analytics services that take maximum advantage of the state-of-the-art digital technologies which characterize the age of Big Data, AI and deep learning. This enables us to serve our clients as a powerful Business Intelligence management aide that can contribute to the maintenance, expansion of profit and continuation of growth.

Services provided

ABeam AI framework

The Business Intelligence services provided by ABeam Consulting, which we call ABeam BI, comprise a three-pronged approach that includes BI-Strategy for strategy & measures design, BI-Implementation for BI systems construction & implementation, and BI-Analytics for data analysis. Through these services, we support our clients’ business management transformation and BPR efforts.

ABeam AI framework

ABeam AI service concept

At ABeam Consulting, we serve our clients as a powerful Business Intelligence management aide that can assist companies preparing to begin taking full advantage of data, as well as companies aiming to produce greater results by taking their data analysis efforts to still higher levels. At the same time, we support companies in elevating their BI levels by directly contributing to the confidence and reliability of decision-making and greater profitability.

ABeam AI services

As a comprehensive consulting firm, ABeam Consulting is able to take advantage of our ability to provide all-around business process coverage, our expert knowledge of business processes, and our know-how in assisting clients with transformational change. We provide seven BI solutions for each layer of business, including administrative management, domains of business function and domains of management function.

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