Real Partner

“Real Partner”—it’s a brand statement that expresses the management philosophy of ABeam Consulting, distilling into a couple of words the stance our company takes, and the value we pledge to our customers. As a Real Partner in helping our clients realize transformation, we walk together with our clients through all the struggles and triumphs along the way, no matter how long the road, how steep the climb, or what difficulties we face.

In order to serve as a Real Partner, three elements are essential: Real People, Real Solutions and Real Results. By creating a virtuous cycle through application of these three “Real” elements, we can guarantee our clients’ success as a Real Partner.

Real People
Everything starts with people

“Real People” refers to the principle that everything starts with people. It means that the consultant is the starting point for every project. The work of consulting is made up of people. A consultant is someone who has the skills and knowledge it takes to make recommendations that offer high added value to the client. It also signifies the sincerity of our response, and the fact that we put people first in relationships of eminent mutual respect.

Real Solutions
Genuine solutions that actually solve problems

“Real Solutions” means workable solutions that solve problems. What clients need is a consultant who will stick with them and see the job through to the end, even in very difficult situations. In order to achieve Real Solutions, the consultant possess a combination of the ability to clarify goals, the intelligence it takes to foresee coming developments and beyond, the responsiveness it takes to act fast, the creativity it takes to draw out solutions, and an eagerness to take on challenges.

Real Results
Solid results that lead to the next stage of growth

“Real Results” means solid success that leads to the next stage of growth for the customer. Enabling our clients to truly experience success is our mission at ABeam Consulting. We undertake projects together with our clients. We grow together, and consider it vitally important to exert the driving force that propels us both to the next stage.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer Satisfaction Survey

ABeam Consulting has established the Customer Satisfaction (CS) Committee, a company-wide organization conducting customer satisfaction surveys throughout the year.
Our customer satisfaction survey asks several dozen questions on topics such as the level of customer satisfaction with the services we provide and our consultants’ work attitude.
By effectively responding to the opinions we receive from our customers, we will be able to improve our services, employee training and operational framework. In order to enhance our service quality, we will use the survey results to provide feedback to each of our members in charge of customer care.

FY2017 Customer Satisfaction Survey Result (average point)

Average satisfaction

Average satisfaction

※1 The average point given by our customers answered the question of “Please grade our services including our deliverables on a 100 point scale”.


Percentage of customers intending to continue doing business with ABeam

Percentage of customers intending to continue doing business with ABeam

※2 The percentage of respondents answering “Agree” or “Agree strongly” to the question, “Do you agree that ABeam Consulting is a suitable partner for building a long-term relationship?”

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