Global Onboarding Program Malaysia 2019

Global Onboarding Program

Global Onboarding Program (GOP) is a 4-day program designed to transition our Senior Consultants from ‘Doer’ to ‘Leader’ and to identify project opportunities. This is done by developing consulting abilities to identify issues through real world observations and propose solutions that leverage ABeam’s capabilities. 

GOP Goals

GOP Goals

Ice Breaking activity: The Marshmallow Challenge

One of the most important attributes of being a Senior Consultant is Team Work. After completing this session, participants were able to explain the importance of Team Work and apply the lessons learnt in their job function.

Marshmallow Challenge Marshmallow Challenge

Business Consulting Skills – Logical Thinking | Interview | Problem Solving | Presentation

In this session, consultants acquired essential consulting skills through a combination of lectures, case discussions and interactive group works. 
Key Takeaways: 
•    Build a foundation of knowledge for success in a consulting role
•    Gain an understanding of the consulting process
•    Acquire essential consulting skills for collecting, analyzing and presenting data/information
•    Learn consultant techniques in the areas of strategy formulation, market research, operations, performance management and project management

Business Consulting Skills Business Consulting Skills

Digital Transformation| Understanding ABeam Capability | Analytics

The objective of this session is to share the latest Digital Trends and Digital Transformation journeys in businesses today, and to discuss ABeam’s Value Proposition to our clients, by connecting data, businesses and organizations. In the Data Analytics session, consultants learn the importance of analytics and how it empowers companies to make better decisions. 
Key Takeaways: 
•    Digital Trends
•    ABeam Digital Transformation solutions
•    ABeam Value Proposition to clients 
•    The importance of Data Analytics to an organization 
•    How Data Analytics solves organizational issues

Digital Transformation Digital Transformation

Manufacturing Plant Tour

On Day 3, participants visited the plant of one of the biggest automotive companies in Malaysia. Participants witnessed and experienced the processes ranging from Research & Development, Manufacturing, Sales and After Sales. During this tour, participants collected relevant information to prepare for their assignments and final group presentation.

Presentation Session

By Day 4, equipped with the knowledge on ABeam’s capabilities, lessons learnt from the Business Consulting skills walkthrough, and the real-world information from the plant tour, each group prepared a Value Proposition for business processes and solution improvement to client, using the tour and executive lecture segment as the platform to pick up areas of improvement, issues or problems.

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