Aggressive HR with digital technology -
A shift from intricate, fixed personnel duties to high-level talent management



Why ABeam ?


My work as an SIer recruited fresh from graduation consisted mainly of implementing systems. I decided to change jobs because I wanted to broaden the scope of my work and of my own perspective, becoming able to solve the overall issues the client faces. First of all, what kind of issues is the client facing? What kind of approach and system selection or design will solve those issues, and how can they be effectively put to use in the workplace?

I had no experience in the position of consultant, but ABeam has an extensive personnel development system, including internal training and meetings with counselors. Most of all, the culture here is one of helping each other out, of sharing the knowledge to maximize the value we provide to clients, not of walling each other off by year of recruitment, or project membership, or whether you were hired fresh out of college or mid-career. It's a good working environment.


Experiences in ABeam ~ Impressive Project~

Of the clients in the personnel industry I was in charge of, the conventional personnel work was limited to fixed-format procedures, like personnel data and records for labor management, hiring, retirement and transfer HR processing, etc. The lack of strategic human resources utilization was an issue. We promoted digitalization of personnel work in order to solve that issue, and I was in charge of managing that project. Rather than limiting ourselves to the technical aspect of simply implementing the system, we proposed a sweeping revision of business processes themselves.

This was a renovation of operations that had been carried out for many years, an entirely new effort that was unprecedented for this client. So we arranged to propose it with a phase in which we would clarify current issues and future goals. Specifically, we asked the client why they wanted to make personnel operations more efficient. We repeatedly engaged them in "Why?" conversations, doing a deep dive into why they needed a given allocation of human resources. Together with the client, we discovered the true essence of the situation, and of their vision.

On this project, we contributed to improving productivity of HR operations by streamlining complex operations and bringing visibility and unity to data for more sophisticated talent management. We also reaffirmed the need to constantly adopt the perspective of what benefits the client most, and how we can achieve it.


Future ~Growth Story~


I was promoted to Manager last year, and am now a Project Leader, improving member performance and managing project quality, while also taking charge of client communication. I work on personally communicating with the members, trying not to forget my original intention. I want to create teams in which it's easy to consult with each other.

Also, trends change quickly in the personnel field. So we needed to differentiate knowledge among company and industry types. For example, companies focus on personnel operations while organizations like sports teams focus on personnel development. So I want to become able to create value together with the client , to make proposals and provide solutions for genuine issues in line with the client's aims. This is done by putting into practice the culture of ABeam, in which we help each other to provide better value, mastering the personnel field by interacting with diverse industries and accumulating layers of knowledge and experience.

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